Data is the new economy driving our world. Our ability to define, connect, and leverage insights is enabled by a wave of technological innovation and a profound evolution in storage architecture. We asked tech leaders five questions about their perspective on the prolific changes happening in data center technology, and where data and businesses are heading.

Tarkan Maner
Tarkan Maner, Chairman and CEO of Nexenta

What was the first technology you fell in love with?

Tarkan: Legos!  I loved how they were so easy to use but had such variety and potential as you got to work with them more. They were just there to make it easy for you to build whatever you imagined. Legos opened up infinite possibilities, and whether you made something hugely sophisticated or really simple, there was no “right” or “wrong” way to use them.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve received?

Tarkan: Keep moving forward and keep others moving, too. Learn from the past and use it to create the future.

Where do you see IT in 20 years?

Tarkan: This is such an exciting time, with so much more real-time, right-here access to knowledge and information than ever before in history. This opens up for the first time the possibility of “contextual intelligence” so people and computers in fast-changing situations can make rapid decisions based on relevant events and up-to-the-second data. Figuring out how to leverage all that knowledge in the moment when it’s most needed has the potential to virtually recreate the human brain and the way we interact with the world.

What would you study more, if you had the time?

Tarkan: English literature has always appealed to me. It’s all about individuals interacting with the world and with each other, and about how narrators impose their perspective and interpretation on characters and events.

How is Nexenta changing the world?

Tarkan: Our open source collaboration model is profoundly disruptive to storage companies. It enables us to attract and leverage the best and most innovative ideas and talent from customers, partners, and individual contributors because we are not captives of some proprietary technology. Instead, we’re all about software-defined innovation: the ability to provision and manage storage using software alone, unrestricted by hardware constraints or proprietary protocols. With Nexenta, if you can write the software that spells out your ideal storage management infrastructure, you can just run the software—you don’t have to mess with some huge hardware implementation project. This delivers unprecedented turn-on-a-dime flexibility, which is just what companies and individuals need in order to fully exploit the potential of contextual intelligence and keep pace with the lightning-fast changes of the marketplace today.

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