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NVMe™-over-Fabric: the Path to Software Composable Infrastructure

Western Digital’s new OpenFlex architecture promises breakthrough levels of scalability, efficiency and performance. Here’s a look at some of the technologies enabling it, including NVMe-over-Fabric and the Kingfish™ open API.
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How Open Innovation Can Free the Data Path

A general purpose processor is fine for most servers and mobile phones, but isn’t optimized for the specific requirements created by the rise of Big Data and Fast Data applications. A big data application such as analytics has a very different processing profile that can handle large amounts of data versus a Fast Data application such as autonomous car controls, which requires time-critical processing for smaller amounts of data.
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What is Symbiotics Design™?

The Symbiotics Design™ approach is an integrated approach to our complete technology portfolio, allowing us to create increasingly specialized environments for data to thrive, whether it’s the immediate results from Fast Data or the breakthrough insights and precision from Big Data. Our products and solutions are purpose-built, tuned and optimized for a full range of data-centric applications.
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