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SQL Server OLTP Consolidation – How to Get the Right S2D Caching Tier

How can you maximize your SQL Server OLTP Consolidation? Peter Plamondon looks at what you need to know about the caching tier and working set size to make SQL Server OLTP Consolidation, using Storage Spaces Direct, a success.
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SQL Server 2008 EOS – a Perfect Storm for HCI and S2D

If you're in IT, you’re facing a change in server architecture and deployment with hyperconverged infrastructure; a change in storage architecture with software-defined storage, and another wave of SQL Server migration and consolidation with the imminent SQL Server 2008 EOS (End of Support). All at the same time!
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New Record-Breaking SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track Solutions

The new, record-breaking performance and capacity of our SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track solutions with HPE can help you to harness the power of data and transform your business. Learn how the Microsoft-validated, pre-configured solutions can support the most demanding data warehouse workloads to deliver faster insights for the most massive data warehouses or large database consolidation project.
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