Today Western Digital, with its HGST and SanDisk brands, is showing that its newly combined force is one to be reckoned with in the storage technologies and solutions market. Yes, we’re now the largest storage company in the world, but size only matters if there’s substance, as well. What’s important are the many examples of innovation, product strength and leadership we’ve celebrated through the years, and today we have further milestones to add to that list.

Today we announced the launch of our Data Center Systems (DCS) business unit and unveiled the ActiveScale™ P100 system, our new object storage system to help businesses harness the value of data in the at-scale data center. In so doing, we’re offering further evidence that we are ready –today- to take on the future of massive scale storage in ways that other storage vendors are still attempting to understand and achieve.

If you are joining us for our video cast, we hope you gain some perspective on where we’re headed. Eric Burgener from IDC, Bo Kennedy, from OvationData, Dave Tang of Western Digital and I all discuss the critical need for new ways to capture, store, protect, and effectively utilize the massive amounts of data. The volume of data generated by more and more points of connectivity (mobile devices, machines, sensors, the Internet of Things, and more) continues to escalate. To adequately prepare for the future and know how to better serve customers and stakeholders, companies must gather insights about this data and put it to action.

Moving the Mountain of Data from a Burden to an Asset

In the age of data abundance, the mountain of information should be an asset to business, not an obstacle. Data is a resource that has been shown to affect and improve people’s lives. If used well, it can offer companies competitive advantages in the marketplace. But, to be able to unleash the power of all of this data, new systems, solutions and platforms are needed to provide higher levels of scalability, simplified manageability, and ease of deployment and radical cost-efficiencies. If you watched our launch today, you’ve learned how Western Digital is on it.

With the expansion of our product portfolio and the launch of innovative systems such as ActiveScale P100, Western Digital’s new DCS business unit is already taking the necessary steps to satisfy these critical needs. We are making it easier and faster to deploy, scale and manage systems. We are offering breakthrough economics with a TCO that is low enough to enable companies to store and manage more data which they can use to inform and strengthen their business decisions.

We are delivering the possibilities of data.

Click here to watch today’s launch event (stream live or on-demand).

Gary is a senior executive with extensive experience in driving business growth and market leadership in enterprise storage and software.