If LUN migration and data migration were easy, it could be an essential enabler in making data mobile and fluid. Here’s a tutorial on how we’ve made LUN migration better.

Let’s face it, most data today is siloed, difficult to migrate, and is dependent on 3rd party applications to achieve mobility. Critical tasks like LUN migration are often cumbersome and disruptive to production with potential downtime.

We see a vital transformation happening where IT teams will be moving from supporting data centers to a concept of architecting Data at the Center of the business. In this architecture, the physical location of data is only a matter of convenience and logically it must be in the center of business processes, and hence, all IT processes. If LUN migration and data migration were easy, it could be an essential enabler in making data mobile and fluid.

A Better Approach to LUN Migration

We’ve architected the IntelliFlash™ hybrid and all-flash array family with a robust LUN migration feature to help customers mobilize their data. With this feature you can easily move between pools (intra-array) or arrays (generation to generation). You can easily upgrade to a new array, or move data for better performance, either from an old array to newer array or from a hybrid pool, to an all-flash pool, or even an NVMe™ pool on your array. You could also migrate between different parities (double or triple parity or 2-way mirrored).

With organizations rethinking how to best leverage data and use it for business advantage, many teams are assessing their data and need to reorganize it. Our LUN migration feature makes ‘spring cleaning’ easy, agile and non-disruptive to operation so you can start making more of data to harness its value.

LUN Migration – Video Tutorial

I’ve recorded the following ten-minute tutorial to walk you through our LUN migration feature and some of its capabilities and tools.

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I hope to see you there!

Harrison Waller is Sr. Manager of Technical Marketing for data center systems and has over 20 years of experience in storage and technology.