Today, SanDisk® introduced the next generation of our InfiniFlash all-flash storage array family, the InfiniFlash System IF150. This new system delivers double the IOPS performance to cater to a wide range of enterprise applications including high-performance computing (HPC), Big Data analytics, media and other streaming services – at the same price as the previous version.

The new IF150 system delivers up to two million IOPS with consistently low latency and is uniquely suited for both the scale-out and scale-up environments to better support new demanding workloads of enterprise, cloud and hyperscale data centers.

Do You Love Paying Huge $$$’s For Sprawling Hardware and Proprietary Storage Arrays?

 For decades, storage environments have been rigid, closed hardware-based architectures that used proprietary compression tools and file systems. Those of you still working with legacy systems know very well what this means for your data center: a stack of storage and servers for one application, a different stack for another, and so on.

The maintenance and upkeep of these systems is a burden and a challenge for data centers worldwide. One is dependent on a different vendor for each stack, licenses are costly, upgrades can mean downtime, and scaling is far from seamless. Worst of all, the data islands are exactly that – silos of crucial data that can’t be mined or accessed from anywhere other than the hosted application.

InfiniFlash System- The Foundation for New Software Defined Storage Models
InfiniFlash System IF150 – the foundation for new storage models

Enter – the InfiniFlash Family from SanDisk

Being the inventors of new flash products and use cases –including the world’s first flash-based SSD –we knew that we could bring a new perspective to the table. Powered by a new and creative flash form factor, the InfiniFlash system brings a truly unique solution to help overcome the increasing gap between IT budgets and the hunger for storage resources.

The new IF150 platform delivers up to half a petabyte (512TB) of raw flash storage in one 3-rack-unit (3U) system and can directly connect up to eight off-the-shelf-servers. Through the new 12 Gbps SAS interface, the system can perform up to two million IOPS, providing new levels of speed and performance for read/write intensive environments.

The Future is Open

We set out to build the InfiniFlash system not only to open up new possibilities for performance and capacity, but also to open up the system stack to an ecosystem of innovation. Have no doubt, software-defined storage, software-defined data centers, software-defined everything, open source and open collaboration are the building blocks of the future data center.

The InfiniFlash System IF150 works intelligently as an integrated hardware, software, and open source system to deliver multiple business benefits to enterprise, cloud and hyperscale customers. When matched with one of our numerous software-defined storage partners in the SanDisk Technology Partner program, this solution will deliver:

  • Breakthrough Economics = Reduced CAPEX: In addition to delivering new performance benchmarks, the IF150 still remains under the $1 per GB price point, and this is before the benefits of dedupe or compression are applied! This is significantly below any other large-scale flash storage solution.
  • Reduced OPEX: InfiniFlash can offer up to an 80% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage over HDD-based systems. It is projected that all-flash arrays are 10x more reliable than HDD-based arrays*, greatly reducing maintenance and FRU expenses. The InfiniFlash System IF150 offers among the lowest power consumption – 450 watts average – of any high capacity flash storage in the industry, significantly reducing data center operating expenses.
  • Downsized Data Center Footprint – IF150 delivers one of the highest density – 512PB in 3U – storage capacities in the industry, saving costly rack space in the data center and making efficient use of available power and floor space.

What’s New in the IF150

We couldn’t resist working to make our InfiniFlash system even better! In addition to getting all the benefits and features of the IF100 – at the same price – we’re introducing two main technical improvements:

  1. The IF150 delivers up to double the IO performance via 8 x 12Gbps SAS version 3.0 connectors on the rear panel. These SAS connections are 2x the speed of the previous generation. The raw IOPS of the IF150 System is over 2M with an aggregate throughput of over 12GBps
  2. The IF150 supports port-based zoning in accordance with the T10 SAS-3 specification. Using this, the host only sees only drive cards mapped to its SAS ports. The hot swap of FRUs does not affect the zone configuration.

 All-Flash, Software-Defined Storage – SanDisk in Your Data Center

InfiniFlash systems bring all-flash building blocks for petabyte-scale software-defined storage, without compromise. Get to know the InfiniFlash System on

You can download the data sheet for the InfiniFlash System IF150 here and the InfiniFlash System IF550 here.


*Annual Failure Rate as compared to HDDs. InfiniFlash AFR based on internal testing. Results available upon request. 

Dave is Director of Storage Platform Marketing with 20+ years of experience in the enterprise storage, computing, and software business.