Our partnership with Veeam offers data protection solutions for the multi-cloud enterprise across the suite of Western Digital’s storage products and leading cloud providers. Using Veeam Cloud Tier and ActiveScaleTM, you can now scale Veeam infinitely and much more cost effectively across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Data Protection is No Easy Task

Data protection is no easy task. Companies are in the constant struggle to cost effectively and efficiently backup and protect their data. Exponential data growth and compliance requirements means organizations need to store more data for longer periods of time. Additionally, companies are embracing a multi-cloud strategy, which complicates how they protect critical data and applications now distributed across data centers, colocation facilities and different cloud providers.

Thankfully, there’s continuous innovation in making solutions that help businesses keep up and running no matter the volume, variety or velocity of data.

Veeam Cloud Tier  

Veeam is a leading Intelligent Data Management solution provider helping businesses keep up and running at all times with high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility.

Veeam recently announced an exciting and major new feature called Cloud Tier. Veeam Cloud Tier is focused on solving long-term data protection at better cost efficiencies. It provides a scale-out backup repository with unlimited capacity for long term retention using S3-compatible object storage.

For Big Data, the World is Moving to Object Storage

Veeam’s S3-compatible solution is part of a bigger trend. To contend with Big Data, organizations are looking beyond traditional storage systems and tape and adopting object storage on premises or in public cloud providers.

Object storage has many benefits when it comes to data protection. We have a great blog explaining why object storage, but in short, you can achieve a massive, petabyte scale solution with extreme data durability at near-tape cost efficiencies. And, your data is accessible at pretty decent speeds. This is critical for data availability but also for mining data over time.

We worked with Veeam to validate our ActiveScale cloud object storage system. ActiveScale is an integrated system that can be up and running quickly with an architecture that is designed for petabyte-scale datasets at exceptional TCO.

With ActiveScale you can store data in an S3 compatible object storage system without “double charges”, unlike with many other backup providers who may charge on top of a cloud provider’s storage cost.

How it Works

Veeam Cloud Tier is implemented as a new storage tier with the scale-out backup repository (SOBR), otherwise known as Capacity Tier. Per policies configured within Veeam, backup files are tiered to object storage as they age out of the operational restore window. Optionally, the oldest backup files can be tiered should the performance tier run out of disk space.

Veeam Cloud Tier paired with ActiveScale cloud object storage provides a highly-scalable, cost-effective scale-out on premises object storage system allowing customers to free expensive capacity in their primary performance tier. Now you can embrace hybrid and multi-cloud cloud data protection with better cost efficiencies and greater simplicity.

Further Reading

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Kurt is director of data protection and cloud solutions with 20+ years’ experience spanning Enterprise Data Center, Cloud & Data Protection.