Data Center Systems: Unlocking the Power of Data

Data Center Systems: Unlocking the Power of Data

We live in a data-centric world. Data is part of every aspect of our lives, and it is growing as fast as it is changing. For businesses to stay competitive, IT managers must relentlessly transform and advance their systems, environments, and applications to drive new capabilities, improve productivity, and create higher value. Western Digital has fueled this continuous advancement with an unmatched, decades-long history of game-changing innovation and technical achievement that has enabled data to be captured, preserved, accessed and transformed at increasing scale, durability, and performance.

Innovation Up and Down the Stack

A core strength of Western Digital is our ability to holistically engineer and deliver solutions at scale, at every layer of the HW/SW stack – from the wafer and platter to our devices, platforms and systems. This unique capability is something we call our Symbiotics DesignTM approach, an integrative method that enables us to tune and optimize a complete ecosystem of technologies to deliver superior products with better durability, cost effectiveness and performance over a longer life cycle.

Today, Western Digital’s Data Center Systems (DCS) business unit announced several new systems and platform offerings and capabilities to help businesses more efficiently build, scale, and manage their operations. We are very excited about these new solutions and I’d like to tell you more about the possibilities they enable for our customers.

Primary Storage: Fast Data and Faster Insights with IntelliFlash™

Businesses need to be faster and smarter in order to transform, innovate and evolve to succeed in the markets they serve. Time-to-decision and action are critical. Our IntelliFlash product line is built for mission critical, virtualized, and primary data center workloads, and can be delivered in hybrid, all-flash and all-NVMe™ solutions.

The IntelliFlash N Series is specially designed for real-time transactional applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep analytics. Today, we are introducing four new IntelliFlash N-Series systems to deliver extreme performance with exceptional economics. The latest OS leverages nearly a decade of innovation in flash data management to offer a full suite of capabilities. Learn more here.

Cloud Storage: Unlock the Value of Data at Petabyte Scale

Unstructured data is growing at unprecedented rates. Organizations understand that the value of data is increasing over time and their ability to mine historic data for insights is critical to their business strategy.

Our ActiveScale™ P100 and X100 object storage systems were designed from the ground up to help organizations contend with today’s big data challenges. Scaling up to 63PB (raw) in a single namespace, the family of systems leverage advanced erasure coding to maximize usable disk space and deliver extreme data reliability (up to 19-nines of data durability). Today, ActiveScale is getting significant enhancements with four new capabilities:

  • Unified Data Access. An NFS interface for traditional file system data without requiring a file gateway, improving workflow and manageability in mixed file and object use cases.
  • Hybrid Cloud Replication that allow buckets in ActiveScale to be seamlessly replicated to AWS™ public cloud.
  • Docker container support to select customers for more efficient workload deployment closer to the data.
  • Improved density and economics with 20 percent higher storage density leveraging our Ultrastar® 12TB Helioseal® HDDs

The ActiveScale systems facilitate a “Data Forever” architecture, allowing customers to economically store petabytes of data over multiple generations of storage with confidence. You can learn more about each of the new features, and our new look and feel, in this morning’s video-streamed event:

Platforms: SDS Building Blocks

Our ability to design storage platforms knowing the vibrational sensitivities and thermal characteristics of our storage devices enables us to design enclosures that reduce risks and maximize density, reliability, and device longevity.

Our Ultrastar Data and Ultrastar Serv family of platforms are purpose-built for DIY, SDS and cost-sensitive environments. New to the family is the Ultrastar Serv60+8 high-capacity, performance-optimized storage server, designed for SDS archive, backup, media streaming, content repositories, and remote office and private-cloud environments.

We Create Environments for Data to Thrive

The challenges of Big Data and Fast Data force organizations to re-think their data infrastructure and strategy, driving the need for purpose-built products with the performance, reliability, total cost of ownership and sustainability demanded by today’s and tomorrow’s data-centric environments.

The ActiveScale 5.3, IntelliFlash N Series and Ultrastar Serv60+8 offerings demonstrate Western Digital’s unique differentiation and ability to create and deliver environments where data can thrive.

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Phil Bullinger: Phil is SVP and GM of Western Digital's Data Center Systems BU driving accelerated growth for business with block, file and object storage.

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