Traditional high touch monitoring tools cannot adapt to the dynamic environments of today nor scale with growing applications, data diversity and changing business needs. Autonomous and proactive storage management is key to keeping businesses productive. Here’s how we’ve leveraged AI to bring customers storage efficiency and intelligent customer care.

Data is growing at an incredible pace. Shifting the data from infrastructure to a business asset is critical for an organization to thrive, and as data gets faster and more diverse, companies leverage new data sources, devices, and digital tools and look for near real-time insights.  Yet organizations can’t only focus on how to manage new data and infrastructure, rather they have to think about how to use data and infrastructure to unleash greater value for their business.

Complex infrastructures mean businesses often end up spending too much time and money looking over disparate data in an attempt to pinpoint and resolve issues.  Your infrastructure needs to enable new opportunities; there’s no room for disruptions, downtime, or delays.

Humans – the Longstanding Challenge

Several industry survey results show that many of the data center and cloud problems reported are longstanding challenges for data center owners and operators, with downtime due to human error consistently ranking as the top reason for downtime.

Figure1: IDC’s 2019 Datacenter Operational Survey: Key Findings and Implications for Multitenant and Colocation Datacenter Providers, Doc # US44906019, March 2019

As a business, you want to focus on projects that add value to your business, but when an unforeseen storage problem occurs, you can easily get sidetracked in an attempt to pinpoint and resolve the issue.

And when the solution proves elusive, you dread contacting customer support because you know you will spend hours on the phone and on email, sending logs, and answering a long list of troubleshooting questions.

The biggest challenge is that the traditional high touch monitoring tools cannot adapt to the dynamic environments of today nor scale with the growing applications and changing business needs. The reality is that the ideal state of data center monitoring is autonomous operations that do not need any human intervention, or as little intervention as possible. But to get there requires insights on workloads, configuration, and resources. Perhaps most important is foresight to anticipate future requirements and predict issues before they occur and resolve issues before they cause disruption or downtime.

AI and the Power of Prediction

The availability of vast amounts of data and the ability to analyze it using much more powerful CPUs and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques promised to uncover new correlations, and create more accurate trend analysis. Analysis today does not only look at longer periods, but also at any given time period in much more detail, to improve the reach of predictive failure analytics.[1]

For many workloads, AI can deliver reliable autonomous operations that can improve overall customer experience and overcome the limitations of humans and traditional tools.  AI models can continuously learn from a global install base, apply learning to reliably predict future behavior, and eliminate the manual work. This holds true for storage administration as well.

Storage administration, which has traditionally been a very time-consuming, manual process, no longer has to be.  We’re entering the era of easy-to-use and intelligent tools that help you monitor the health, performance, and usage of your storage arrays. What if a tool could predict and alert you of imminent component failures? And when you call in to technical support, what if the engineer on the other end of the line already had information about your environment so that they could pin-point the issue and quickly resolve it? Welcome to IntelliCare™.

IntelliCare: Comprehensive & Intelligent Customer Care Powered by AI

IntelliCare is a comprehensive and intelligent customer care program designed to maximize the uptime and efficiency of your IntelliFlash™ arrays and save you time on storage administration. IntelliCare collects, processes and analyzes millions of sensor data points from our globally connected IntelliFlash arrays and uses this data to provide global visibility, predictive support, and data driven insights to customers to simplify and automate storage system lifecycle configuration, planning, monitoring, operations, and expansion.

Driven by cloud-based analytics and backed by a team of storage experts, IntelliCare enables you to quickly and easily monitor the health, performance and usage of all your IntelliFlash arrays, predict future requirements, and detect problems before they develop into component and system failure.

IntelliFlash arrays with IntelliCare, an AI driven predictive analytics platform, deliver incredibly high performance while maximizing efficiency not only for IT but for your business, by keeping your storage costs in check and making your data come alive.

How to Simplify Your Storage Management

Join me for a webinar on Wednesday, September 25 at 10am PT where I will dive into how to how to simplify and transform your infrastructure by leveraging artificial AL/ML models and save time and money on storage administration with IntelliCare.  During the webinar, I will explore:

  • How IntelliCare simplifies storage administration and maximizes the uptime and efficiency of your IntelliFlash arrays
  • How to proactively monitor all of your IntelliFlash arrays from a single web portal, set up alerts, and predict future storage requirements
  • How Western Digital uses IntelliCare cloud-based analytics to predict issues before they develop and resolve the potential issues

You can stream the webinar live or watch it on demand – I look forward to answering your questions there!

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[1] IDC White Paper, sponsored by HPE, Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Becoming a Critical Source of Vendor Differentiation in Enterprise Storage, October 2018

Veena Joshi, Product Management Technologist at Data Center Systems, has over 10 years of experience in enterprise data storage & software.