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potholes avoided thanks to machine learning
At the Edge

Automotive at the Edge: Machine Learning to Avoid Potholes

There’s a new way to look out for fractures and potholes in the road. And, it doesn’t need eyes to see them. But, it does need a camera mounted on its dashboard. It’s the crux of a system that uses computer vision and machine learning to read the surface of a road.
predictive AI for autonomous buses
At the Edge

Automotive at the Edge: Using AI to Predict Mass Transit Patterns

Creating fully autonomous vehicles at scale means solving not just thousands of problems, but literally millions and billions of vehicle issues and driving scenarios. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, though. Artificial intelligence (AI) could take on these challenges by predicting passenger journeys: where passengers are going, when they need to arrive, and what stops they need to make.
To the Core

SQL Server 2008 EOS – a Perfect Storm for HCI and S2D

If you're in IT, you’re facing a change in server architecture and deployment with hyperconverged infrastructure; a change in storage architecture with software-defined storage, and another wave of SQL Server migration and consolidation with the imminent SQL Server 2008 EOS (End of Support). All at the same time!