“We are probably not the company that you think we are.” I couldn’t agree more with Phil Bullinger. Being one of the world’s largest hard drive manufacturers with decades of breakthroughs and innovation is still most commonly associated with Western Digital, for good reasons! Yet for those that have followed our transformation over the last years, and readers of this blog, know that we are also a leader in flash-based storage devices, embedded products, platforms and systems. We are a data infrastructure company that’s enabling data to thrive anywhere it lives – from core to edge to cloud.

Phil recently wrote about the evolution of Western Digital’s Data Center Systems business and our unique silicon to systems design approach. We’re hard at work continuously improving our solutions and I want to share with you some of our latest updates in ActiveScaleTM cloud object storage and IntelliFlash™ tier 1 storage system. These are a great example of how the momentum of Western Digital systems continues.

IntelliFlash 3.9 – Let NVMe™ Unleash the Possibilities

The latest version of IntelliFlash, Operating System release 3.9, accelerates our IntelliFlash N-Series NVMe storage array with improved performance and usability to enable customers who want to get the most from their data.

NVMe is gaining rapid market adoption because it not only provides better performance, it changes the way that storage gets used.  NVMe can take advantage of multiple, parallel lanes with incredible queue depth for improved system throughput (in contrast to traditional SAS and SATA interfaces that have limited connectivity). You can learn more about NVMe in our NVMe for Dummies book.

Our IntelliFlash systems take advantage of our silicon-to-systems design so that NVMe technology innovation and expertise is shared among components, devices, platforms and systems for a highly cost effective, high performance solution for today’s demanding data.

ActiveScale OS 5.4.1 – Simplifying Data Management While Reducing Costs

Western Digital’s object storage offering, ActiveScale, also enjoys an update in OS 5.4.1. This includes enhancements to Unified Data Access (UDA) which supports file ingest allowing cold files to benefit from the highly scalable and cost-effective attributes of object storage.

Think of this as a way to take cold files and put them in a more cost effective and scalable storage than traditional NAS systems.  This still keeps the data online and usable, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional NAS, with scale that can keep up with petabyte scale demands. Although the file is stored as an object, when the file is needed, ActiveScale provides the data as a file to the application for a seamless experience.

Virtual IP addresses are also available now that respond in the event of a network event by picking an alternate path automatically to maintain operations with a minimum of fuss.  Additionally, ActiveScale Cloud Management has been updated to provide deeper insights to further facilitate petabyte scale management.

Get to Know Systems that Help Data, and Businesses, Thrive

The momentum is clearly accelerating as our systems continue to refine, enhance and improve the way you leverage your valuable data.  Learn more about how we create environments that allow big data and fast data to thrive with ActiveScale and IntelliFlash systems.

Erik is the Senior Director, Product Marketing of Western Digital's Data Center Systems, with 25+ years of experience in high tech storage.