VMworld® Ahead! A Year in Review with Nexenta

VMworld® Ahead! A Year in Review with Nexenta

VMworld is coming up, and we’re marking the first anniversary of our great partnership with Nexenta, launched at last year’s event. Since then we’ve been busy talking about the benefits of all-flash software-defined storage at industry events, in customer case studies, and online webinars – helping customers take advantage of the industry’s lowest cost solutions for high-performance software-defined storage.

Ahead of VMworld, I had a chance to sit down with Nexenta’s VP of Marketing and Channels, Don Lopes. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

VMworld Ahead!

Don Lopes: VMworld is all about the latest in virtualization and cloud technology. There are few opportunities, as great as VMworld, to discover the latest innovations. As such, it was perfect timing for our announcement last year. It really hit on the value points of software-defined storage, new open platforms like the InfiniFlash™ System, and how we help customers enjoy the latest and greatest feature sets to take real-time advantage of innovation.

Flash Use Cases

Tell Us About InfiniFlash + NexentaStor Customers and Use Cases

Don Lopes: Previously, we saw customers predominantly running all-flash systems in smaller capacities for high performance targeted workloads. But today, we are witnessing a radically increasing demand for all-flash solutions. Customers want to take advantage of the benefits of flash for more, or even all, workloads, with many use cases in virtualization environments.

For our customers, particularly service providers and broadcast and technology companies, InfiniFlash enables them to move more workloads than ever before into all-flash environments and to enjoy a solution that is both high capacity and high performance. In most cases, they can consolidate multiple workloads into a single box, which dramatically increases simplicity and provides far better efficiencies.

Business benefits are key and solutions need to deliver real value. We have customers seeing greater than 6:1 inline data reduction and 10x up to 30x faster SAP business analytics jobs with the NexentaStor and InfiniFlash solution! These benefits have a great impact on both business and IT operations.

What’s Driving Customers’ New Wave of Flash?

Don Lopes: One obvious driver for flash is performance. New workloads, and even traditional workloads, are hitting the limitations of legacy systems that aren’t able to keep up with demands. The growth of data is a massive challenge for businesses. So scaling with high-density flash is a second big driver we’re seeing. Customers need to take advantage of flash for their current, key workloads and want to use flash to enable new workloads.

The third driver is that the cost ratio of this solution has simply made flash more accessible than ever. Using our Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) platform together with InfiniFlash, we are able to deliver flash at a cost of $1.25 per gigabyte for our customers. That’s a fraction of many other available flash solutions.

What we’re really hitting on is the need of IT to balance performance, scale, and cost. It’s a great system to answer almost everyone’s needs, and almost any workload.

What Other Important Changes Are You Seeing?

Don Lopes: One big change we are seeing is that the speed of the decision process is by far shorter than what traditional sales cycles used to be. Demand is high, needs are urgent, and the solution is great.

VMworld 2016

What’s to Get Excited About?

Don Lopes: VMworld is such a great event! This year we’ll have many mutual customers there so it will be a fantastic opportunity to hear from those who have implemented our NexentaStor and InfiniFlash solution.  We’ll have an all-flash zone with an InfiniFlash IF150, so folks can come in, see the solution, play around, and see how it works.

On our end, it’s going to be especially exciting, as Nexenta will be announcing new technologies and next generation products. I obviously can’t share any details yet, so keep an eye out and come by the booth #1757 once the floor opens.

My tip for anyone headed to the event is ask for a demo! VMworld is a great place to talk about your real challenges in your virtual environment, examine available solutions, and to see how to enable your strategy for the future. SanDisk® will be presenting in our booth and we’ll be presenting in the SanDisk booth, so you can stop by either booth to learn more.

Red or Black at the Roulette?

Don Lopes: Neither. I am not a big gambler so if you want to see me in Las Vegas, you’ll find me in the all-flash zone in our booth. You can always recognize me with my orange Nexenta shoes and shorts.

We Gotta Ask – What’s the 60’s Peace and Love Theme All About?

Don Lopes: First, Nexenta is all about total freedom. We are a 100% software company that embraces that vision wholly. We give customers freedom to choose their hardware, to use their choice of protocol, and to take full advantage of innovation.

Secondly, it’s about love. Our love for technology, innovation, our customers, partners, and a belief in the organization and in each other. It’s something we stand behind.

Nexenta: 100% Software. Total Freedom. All Love.

Last but not least: it’s about having fun, too!

Get Ready! 

This week was a great opportunity to see us in action as SanDisk and Nexenta joined Eric Burgener of IDC and Brent Thumlert, Systems Architect of Northern Backup, a leading IT and Managed Services provider, to talk about how to achieve great speed with great efficiency. You can stream the webinar for free – watch here.

For those looking to dive into the latest trends enabling the modern data center, make sure to stop by Nexenta booth #1757 and SanDisk booth #1955. Our experts look forward to helping you take advantage of high performance, great density and incredible TCO.

See you there!

Learn more about all-flash software-defined storage – stream our free webinar.

Stefaan Vervaet: Stefaan is sr. director of solutions marketing and strategic alliances at WDC, with 15+ yrs in the data storage and backup industry.

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