Western Digital My Cloud Update

This blog was originally updated as of 1/9/2018, 11:00am PST and has further updates as on 1/12/2017, 3:30pm PST.

UPDATE 1/12/2018: The issue stated below concerning unauthorized access to multipart upload functionality has been addressed with a hotfix that can be immediately downloaded here: https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?lang=en#firmware

Previously reported security vulnerabilities related to certain My Cloud products had been disclosed by a security researcher directly with our team in 2017, and critical issues mentioned in these recent articles (gulftech.org; thehackernews.com) were addressed in 2017 with firmware update v2.30.172 and above. An additional issue, whereby certain My Cloud models (only with firmware versions 2.xx but not My Cloud Home) with default settings could be exploited by a sophisticated hacker in the unlikely event such hacker has access to the owner’s local network, or if certain device settings had been changed by the user, has been resolved. Firmware update v.2.30.181* with this resolution is available here (https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?lang=en#firmware). Other issues are being addressed in future updates.


As always, we encourage users to contact Western Digital customer support (https://support.wdc.com) should they need help updating their device.


It is important to note that the My Cloud Home model architecturally is designed new from the ground up and we are not aware of any vulnerability to the security issues listed in the respective reports.


As a reminder, we urge customers to ensure the firmware on their products is always up to date; enabling automatic updates is recommended. We also urge you to implement sound data protection practices such as regular data backups and password protection, including to secure your router when you use a personal cloud or network-attached storage device.

Western Digital works continuously to improve the capability and security of our products, including with the security research community to address issues they may uncover. We encourage responsible disclosure by customers and researchers to ensure our customers are protected while we address valid vulnerabilities.

Models with Dashboard Cloud Access:

  • My Cloud EX2
  • My Cloud EX4
  • My Cloud EX2100
  • My Cloud EX4100
  • My Cloud EX2 Ultra
  • My Cloud DL2100
  • My Cloud DL4100
  • My Cloud PR2100
  • My Cloud PR4100
  • My Cloud Mirror
  • My Cloud Mirror Gen 2

Dashboard Cloud Access:

The Dashboard Cloud Access feature is available under Settings->General->Cloud Access.

Port Forwarding: Port forwarding of HTTP connections should disabled on the My Cloud device and the router. On My Cloud devices the port-forwarding feature is available under Settings->Network->Port Forwarding and can be used only if the connected router supports uPnP.


*v.2.11.169 for EX2, EX4, and Mirror Gen 1.

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