Big Data and Fast Data Create a Bifurcation of Technology

Big Data and Fast Data Create a Bifurcation of Technology

As the scale of data continues to increase, and the diversity of application workloads expand, the world will need new data storage technologies and architectures.

“We needed to rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed.” — Mike Cordano

Data is now used in a variety of ways and these different ways create unique demands. Some applications require rapid access and manipulation of data (Fast Data) – so that we can capture and transform data in real-time. Some applications require a means to easily manipulate vast amounts of data (Big Data). In the first scenario, performance is key. In the second, capacity is critical.

Big Data analytics has delivered valuable insights across virtually all industries. And the predictive algorithms from Big Data have spawned rapid rise in real-time Fast Data applications. This breadth of needs requires an increasing range of technologies. A decrease in the cost per terabyte favors HDD to meet the demands of Big Data, while the decrease in cost per IOPS favors Flash for meeting the demands of Fast Data.

Western Digital’s leading breadth of technology and products provide unique expert insight into delivering the possibilities of data today and tomorrow. For both Big Data and Fast Data.

Tight coupling between Big Data and Fast Data

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