Western Digital volunteers planting trees in Shanghai
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Western Digital for the Environment Around the World

From Shanghai, to Northern California, to Israel, and all around the world, the Earth’s surface has a little less trash and a little extra sparkle thanks to Western Digital employees. We are grateful for the commitment and dedication of our employees to focus their efforts in helping preserve this planet and make it a cleaner, better place for all of us to live.


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Western Digital CTO Martin Fink
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Top Five from RISC-V

The open source movement has demonstrated that innovation can be maximized with a large community working toward a common goal. Open source innovation often happens at a much faster pace, and can be far more focused on customer needs than when a proprietary model is used. RISC-V can democratize compute architecture and enable the creation of custom silicon without requiring an overwhelming investment or a high-volume guarantee.
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Accelerating Research and Healthcare Innovation

Research data challenges are plentiful. The volume of data coming in from sensors and higher resolution imaging devices is growing exponentially. The velocity of data, and how quickly the data is coming in, is also forcing infrastructures to scale bigger and faster than ever before. See how we’re helping organizations take advantage of the promises of data at every step of its lifecycle.