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Dr. Carlijn Mulder

Dr. Carlijn Mulder is the Dutch scientist leading Niron Magnetics’ Magnet R&D department. She is taking the company’s breakthrough material out of the lab and into the world, hoping to reconcile technological progress with environmental sustainability. 

Derek Stewart

Derek Stewart is the resident theorist for emerging non-volatile memory in Western Digital’s R&D. He is an expert in the computational modeling of new materials and nanostructures, taking the theoretical to the tangible.

Bianca Cefalo

A thermo-fluid-dynamic engineer on the 2013 NASA/JPL Insight Mars mission, and former Airbus Defense and Space thermal product manager, Bianca Cefalo is the CEO and co-founder of the startup Space DOTS, revolutionizing materials testing in space.  

Dr. Shirley Meng

Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, is one of the world’s leading experts in nanomaterials for energy storage. She is a professor at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago and Chief Scientist for Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science.  

Dr. Anna Ploszajski

Dr. Anna Ploszajski is an award-winning materials scientist, storyteller, and author. She blends craft-making and groundbreaking materials science research to help us understand our relationship to materials and how they impact our world.