Boundless Storage Made Possible at Open Compute Summit

Boundless Storage Made Possible at Open Compute Summit

It’s exciting times for data center technologies as old models and architectures are being disrupted from the ground up. Cloud architectures, Big Data, IoT, Open Source software and collaboration and flash technology have changed the data center forever.

Challenging how data centers are built for scale, energy efficiency and flexibility is at the heart of the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit next week in San Jose. OCP members and attendees work to design new infrastructures that deliver more efficient and cost-effective data centers – those that scale easily, can be deployed with a more compact footprint, consume less energy, and offer a modular design. Using the principles of open source software where designs and specs are shared, the organization has worked to address compute, storage, and networking.

New Possibilities with Flash and Open Source – See SanDisk® in Booth B12

SanDisk has been at the forefront of the intersection of flash and Open Source creating new possibilities by bringing the performance of flash at scale. The secondary benefits of flash have also come to the forefront in the new data center, including flash’s compact form factor, its efficiency—consuming 80% less energy than hard drives—while delivering 4x the reliability of spinning disk storage.

We’re excited to be at OCP showing why flash SSDs and systems are at the heart of the new innovative cloud, webscale architecture, and enterprise data centers. SanDisk has worked with some of the largest data centers to create solutions at scale and to deliver the performance needed for new services. Come visit SanDisk’s booth B12 to meet with experts and to see firsthand these solutions built for the new boundless data center.

Join Our Speaking Sessions

Hear SanDisk experts talk on Wednesday, March 9th about new topologies for harnessing the performance and scale of flash.

When flash and networking are no longer a constraint and you can access infinite bandwidth and storage, what can you do? Fritz Kruger, SanDisk Fellow will challenge your assumptions and limitations about storage:

The Consequences of Infinite Storage Bandwidth
Wednesday, March 9th at 3:00 pm

Expo Hall Grand Ballroom

Overall increases in CPU and DRAM processing power are falling behind the massive acceleration in available storage and network bandwidth.  Storage management services are emerging as a serious bottleneck.  What does this imply for the data center of the future?  How will it affect the physical network and storage topologies?  And how will storage software need to change to meet these new realities?

Gary Lyng. Sr. Director, Marketing and Strategy, Data Center Solutions will talk to you about a world where technology does not hold you back. It becomes your tool to tackle new problems, unleash unimaginable experiences through new applications and services:

Enable a new generation of services and applications for an experience never before thought possible
Wednesday, March 9 at 4:00pm – 4:25pm

Lower Level: LL20D

Today’s flash solutions and arrays can address most data center problems – they are low power, high performance, somewhat scalable and highly reliable but there is one thing that holds it back – Favorable Economics. It’s simply way too expensive for at-scale workloads making flash out of reach.  We’ll explore how to make flash storage within reach.

I look forward to another great OCP Summit and to seeing you at the event! You can learn more at and join the conversation by following us on Twitter @sandiskdatactr and @bigdataflash

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