Data Makes Possible

Data Makes Possible

Let’s talk data. WAIT, we know you hear that word a lot. Whether it’s a mobile company asking you to buy more data, or needing more data to book a flight, make a medical decision or even approving your daughter’s overnight trip, it’s a data-data-data world.

Sometimes what it really means gets lost in translation.

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From data we gain knowledge, associations, correlations, insights and wisdom. The power of data is undeniable—creating a world that’s more predictive, more productive and more personal drives smarter decisions, breakthrough discoveries and deeper connections. That makes data a very valuable asset.

We at HGST and Western Digital Corporation believe in the promise of data. Data lives with us. We make sure it can grow and stay safe, so the world can go forth to dare and imagine.

Data Makes Possible

Today, we launch an initiative to help the world discover what data makes possible.

We are facilitating conversations that rethink why, question how and challenge assumptions. By providing a gathering place for the best and brightest thinkers on data from a range of disciplines, we’ll learn how to better engage with our data-centric world. Our hope is through discourse, debate and synergy we can help make the promise of data a reality.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey and participate in the conversation at

How will data change your world and make possible happen? Come find out.


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