#faster – Join SanDisk® and Jimmy May at SQL Saturday

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SanDisk® is a Platinum sponsor at the SQL Saturday Silicon Valley event held this weekend at the Microsoft office in Mountain View.  For those not familiar, PASS SQL Saturday Silicon Valley is the Bay Area’s largest SQL Server event of the year! It is a free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions.

Join us and Jimmy May on March 28th at Microsoft in Mountain View, California!!

We’re thrilled to have Jimmy May, SQL Server Solution Architect, at SanDisk as  featured speaker at the event, in two sessions. Jimmy is well known to the SQL community and was a frequent contributor to the SQL Blog. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) who formerly served as Principal Architect at Microsoft as well as Senior Program Manager for the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT) where he managed the Customer Lab which hosts the biggest, fastest, & most interesting SQL Server apps from all over the world.  He is also the founder of the IndyPASS & IWUG user groups.

Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014:
Flipping the DW /Faster Bit

11:15 am  – The Big Stage – Galileo

Columnstore indexes were introduced in SQL Server 2012 & have been wholly re-architected and optimized in SQL Server 2014.  Columnstore indexes are optimized for data warehouse workloads and are a hybrid technology leveraging the best of off-disk and in-memory capabilities. Transparent to the app, columnstore has been shown to render queries at sub-second response times which heretofore took many minutes or longer.

This presentation includes an overview of SQL Server 2012 and a deep dive into SQL Server 2014 columnstore indexes, including a review of the architecture, as well as the challenges, workarounds, travails, and big wins at customer sites and inside MSIT. The presentation is rich in demos. Learn whether columnstore can change your users’ world & why columnstore may be a compelling reason to upgrade. Learn how columnstore indexes flip the DW faster bit and why columnstore manifests my motto, “Change the world or go home!

Flash & SQL Server – Re-Thinking Best Practices

4:30 pm – Bonus Track – Executive Conference Room 

Flash storage is a game changer for virtually every app with which it is used. Whether used locally, for tiered storage, or all-flash arrays, flash is turning what we thought we knew about SQL Server best practices on its head. Contemporary IT environments should standardize their architecture to include a tier of flash.

Virtualized or non-virtualized, standardizing on in-server flash is vital for optimizing performance, scalability, efficiency (technical and cost), reliability, and availability. Learn how flash flips the /faster bit and the significant impact flash makes not just in terms of performance, but also best practices, and the massive savings in licensing costs driven by consolidation on flash.

Join SanDisk at our Sponsor Table

Come say hello to our team, see our demos and learn about how to cost-effectively accelerate SQL 2014 performance and scalability with SanDisk flash. We will have experts on hand to talk with you about how adding the right flash in the right places can make a dramatic difference in your environment – whether for in-memory, OLTP or data warehouse. We will also be showcasing several Microsoft solution demos, including OLTP, Data Warehouse Fast Track, and more.

You can read more about how to flash-enable your Microsoft environment in my previous blog on our Microsoft-certified SQL Server 2014 Data Warehouse Fast Track Reference Architecture (FTRA) solutions.

See you tomorrow!

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