Flash Memory Summit: Products Matter, But the Problems They Solve Matter Even More

Flash Memory Summit: Products Matter, But the Problems They Solve Matter Even More

Flash Memory Summit, the annual gathering of flash storage and technology companies in the aptly named Silicon Valley, is an event like no other. Most tradeshows are focused on reaching potential customers, partners, and the press by showcasing great new products that can solve customers’ problems. Flash Memory Summit, however, (FMS) is a technology show about flash memory bragging rights: who can present the fastest, biggest or most dense flash based storage solutions?

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This year’s event is no different. We will showcase the exciting new products we have announced this year, show the tried-and-true favorites, as well as talk about what’s in store for the future.Our highlights will include exciting demonstrations of our recently announced 64-layer 3D NAND technology on four-bits-per-cell (X4) architecture and the industry’s first 3D NAND technology with 96 layers of vertical storage capability.

A Data-Centric Universe

All of these innovations exist within the context of the exponential growth of data-creating devices and of data-consuming applications. This growth is what accelerates the cycle of innovation. In his keynote at FMS, our CTO and visionary, Martin Fink, will discuss the insatiable hunger for faster results, precise predictions, immersive experiences, and prescriptive recommendations, along with an ever-broadening service economy that has launched us into a data-centric universe at both hyperspeed and hyperscale.

At our booth this year we are taking an expanded focus that we believe will help our visitors to visualize that we are focusing on the “why” of our business as much as the ”how.” Visitors will find exciting and immersive areas that tell stories about innovative and important topics like precision medicine, autonomous (connected) automobiles, the connected life, and the Cloud Data Centers and Fog Computing that support them.

What Does Storage Have To Do With It?

The question that you might be asking, to paraphrase an old song, is “What does storage have to do with it?” The answer to that question is a reflection of the demands of data today: from the increasing storage speeds needed to support everything from IoT to AI, to the massive amounts of data generated, captured, and retained for insights and future analysis. We’re looking at a tsunami of data that’s going to be generated by genomics, autonomous vehicles, and connected devices at home. Storage is the backbone of our data-centric universe.

Bring Your Data to Life in Booth #207

Come by our booth to learn about the exciting solutions that enable these new possibilities for healthcare, transportation, our homes, and lives.

We will also have an interactive kiosk, which is a fancy term for a large touch-screen monitor, where you can see what storage makes possible and how our storage solutions support everything from the Edge (Home, Work, Auto and IoT) to the Cloud. It will also help you choose the right solution for your own challenge.

If you are tired and drained, relax on a chair at the storage bar, which will have touch-screen laptops powered by our solutions and provide the same interactive experience as the kiosk—but with the added bonus of providing both lightning and micro-USB cables to recharge your mobile device!

Finally, the booth will also showcase the exciting new products that make all of this possible.

These include the new Ultrastar® SN200 Series NVMe™-based SSDs that deliver a new level of performance and capacity for Enterprise, Cloud and Hyperscale environments; our line of essential NVMe offerings with the Skyhawk™ Series NVMe PCIe Solid State Drives enabling cloud providers to offer database and application performance tiers of service, while controlling infrastructure costs, to the new iNAND 7250A embedded flash drive designed to support the unique needs of Automotive ADAS, infotainment and safety systems.

Learn more about speaking sessions here and come by booth #207, where you can experience the future first hand. If you think you’re a storage whiz, take our FMS quiz below and test your knowledge:

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How Did You Score?

How did you score? Challenge your colleagues and see if you can beat their score. I look forward to seeing you at the show!

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