Future Proof Storage 2015: A Snapshot of the Future of Mobile

Future Proof Storage 2015: A Snapshot of the Future of Mobile
The mobile market is expanding in new and different ways. Join SanDisk at Future Proof Storage 2015 where we will be discussing what you need to know!

The mobile market is once again on the verge of major changes.

4K Ultra HD, RAW photography and new applications along with advances such as rapid sequential write speed are turning smartphones from the point-and-shoot camera of choice to full-fledged systems for high-end photography and video. The memory content found on premium phones is expected to nearly triple over the next few years. Some manufacturers are already putting as much memory on their phones as they do in some of their notebooks.

Mobile Storage Breaking Boarders

Meanwhile, new customers in Africa, Asia and Latin America are expanding the market and sparking the creativity of app developers and manufacturers. The percentage of phones sold to emerging markets is expected to rise from 76% to 82%: companies that learn how to effectively tap into this opportunity could see their market share and fortunes grow.

We will look at these and other issues at Future Proof Storage 2015, our annual event on the future of mobile architectures taking place October 27, 2015 in Shenzhen, China, the epicenter of worldwide mobile manufacturing.

EPIC Insights on Mobile Devices

This year’s theme—EPIC: The Future of Mobile Imaging—will bring together executives from every part of the mobile ecosystem and over 300 guests. Some of the highlights include:

  • Qiku CTO Fang Hao Zhu, LG Mobile VP and head of smartphone product planning Ram-chan, DxO VP of Marketing Nicolas Touchard and executives from Tencent, Meitu, OPPO and other companies will discuss innovations coming to mobile design, channel partnerships and technology.
  • Josh Haftel from Adobe will talk about their involvement with mobile imaging and application development to support features such as RAW capture and professional editing on the go;
  • Neil Shah, research director for devices and ecosystems at Counterpoint Research, will deliver a presentation about the next big markets beyond China followed by a panel discussion together with co-founder of Lava International India SN Rai, on the mobile ecosystem in India, the fastest-growing market in the world.
  • Google’s Choon Chng will discuss the Android Camera 2 API and their plans for mobile imaging;
  • Executives from Qualcomm, Intel, HiSense and Microsoft, among other companies will participate in a roundtable discussion on trends in the mobile ecosystem

You will also hear from SanDisk’s executives on what we are doing to propel the industry forward not just for mobile but for automotive, connected home as well as industrial markets.

It should be an interesting time. We will be chronicling the event on our mobile blog. Reporters from some of China’s leading websites will also be filing reports and stories. We hope to see you there and, if you can’t make it, we will be keeping you up to date with blogs, videos and data.

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