Meet the New iNAND 7350: Performance, Capacity, Endurance

Meet the New iNAND 7350: Performance, Capacity, Endurance

Today, we are excited to introduce our new iNAND® 7350 storage solution at Mobile World Congress. The iNAND 7350 is our most advanced and highest capacity embedded flash drive (EFD) to date. It’s ideal for data-rich applications and next-generation mobile experiences.

The New “Smart” iNAND 7350

The iNAND 7350 supports the latest e.MMC 5.1 interface, is manufactured using 3D NAND technology, and leverages our highly intelligent, fourth-generation SmartSLC technology. It offers capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB.

Here is what our vice president of Embedded and Integrated Solutions, Christopher Bergey, had to say about the iNAND:

“Our new 256GB iNAND 7350 is the highest capacity embedded storage device available today on e.MMC, the industry’s most proven interface. By combining our 3D NAND technology and latest application-aware architecture, we have built the iNAND 7350 storage device to deliver an exceptional balance of performance, capacity and cost-efficiency. This can enable smartphone manufacturers to introduce mainstream devices that offer the high capacity consumers crave and deliver outstanding application experiences – from high-quality 4K Ultra HD video playback to next-generation augmented reality (AR).”

Can the iNAND 7350 really deliver outstanding application experience? You be the judge. Below is a behind-the-scenes video of the official iNAND 7350 video—shot entirely using smartphones embedded with iNAND 7350 .

The iNAND 7350 is our first embedded storage solution to leverage the 3D NAND technology, which helps enhance the device’s performance, capacity and data retention. We expect to see 3D NAND flash in more applications—from IoT devices to SSDs. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog which will take a deep-dive into our 3D NAND technology.

If you are at Mobile World Congress, don’t forget to come say hello in Hall 3, stand 3K25. We’ll be showcasing our latest solutions for the constantly evolving mobile industry (and the iNAND 7350 of course). As always, follow us @SanDiskOEM to keep abreast of what we are enabling for the next wave of mobile devices.

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