What You Missed During Flash Memory Summit

What You Missed During Flash Memory Summit

Another year of showcasing our latest technology innovations and partnerships at Flash Memory Summit has come and gone, but it’s far from forgotten. This was the first show featuring the SanDisk and HGST brands under the Western Digital umbrella and we had a great time.

We covered a lot during the course of the three-day event and here are a few highlights to catch you up.


Unveiled during the keynote presentation by Dr. Siva Sivaram, Creating Storage Class Memory: Learning from 3D NAND, was the world’s first 3D NAND technology, BiCS3, with 64 layers of vertical storage capability. During Dr. Sivaram’s presentation, we learned the following:

  • Western Digital + SanDisk = A Leading Combination
  • There’s a data explosion enabled by edge devices
  • Storage Class Memory is building the bridge between DRAM and flash
  • 3D ReRAM is a scalable SCM solution

You can view Dr. Sivaram’s entire presentation on our SlideShare or view more videos from the show.


Hitting the trifecta of speed, performance and cost, it’s no surprise why SSDs are becoming mainstream

for both businesses and consumers.

Showing the power of the SanDisk Z400s and the SanDisk X400 SSD were:

These dazzling, interactive demos caught the eyes of attendees and kept our demo staff on their toes with questions about the benefits of SSD enabled devices for business.


The VR stations were a definite draw keeping our guests entertained whether they were in line to play or just spectating. The HTC Vive was a surefire hit allowing us to showcase the power of SSDs to enable a virtual experience as smooth and entertaining as any real-world one.

Flash Memory Summit

For being our first show as a unified Western Digital company, I’d call this Flash Memory Summit a success.  Bring on the next event!


Andrew Vo: Andrew Vo is a product marketing specialist at Western Digital.

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