The NVMe SSD Successor for WD Blue SN500 Has Arrived

The NVMe SSD Successor for WD Blue SN500 Has Arrived

PC enthusiasts are generating data at rapidly growing rates. Whether through 4K/8K video, PC gaming, or other storage-intensive applications, tech-savvy professionals are looking to boot faster and work smarter. Doing so requires data storage that is purpose-built for performance, durability, speed, and capacity needs. We’re excited to announce the WD Blue® SN550 NVMe™ SSD, the newest member of our award-winning WD Blue portfolio.

WD Blue SN550 at the Heart of Your PC

For content creators and PC users looking for an all-NVMe solution, the WD Blue SN550 is a powerful option. This drive leverages technology from Western Digital’s proven NVMe product portfolio in a slim M.2 2280 form factor with boosted internal speeds. The result? A better overall computing experience for multitaskers and resource-heavy application users who want a fast and responsive system to manage demanding workloads.

The WD Blue SN550 also offers flexibility for system builders. According to a recent report, NVMe is predicted to account for more than 75 percent of storage shipped in the PC segment by 20211. Those who make the jump to an NVMe SSD now can benefit for years to come, as the PC industry follows suit in the future.

Up to 4x the Speed of SATA SSDs

With sequential read speeds of up to 2,400 MB/s, the WD Blue SN550 brings ultra-responsive PC performance to life. This rate is up to four times the speed of industry-leading SATA SSDs.* That means less time spent waiting on data to transfer, and more time to get work done on your PC. In addition to blazing-fast read speeds, the sequential write performance isn’t far off at up to 1,950 MB/s. Our scalable NVMe hardware and accelerated architecture help make these achievements possible. We also utilize our in-house designed controller and firmware, along with our latest 3D NAND for consistent performance.

Upgraded Thermal Design

The WD Blue SN550 stands up to intensive use. When sustained performance is required, the NVMe SSD’s new approach for heat management uses a low power draw. This thermal design helps prevent excessive heat from building up and causing the drive to overheat. You can continue doing more, faster, without worrying about downtime from a drive failure on your PC. Western Digital’s family of NVMe products also includes its WD Black® SN750 NVMe SSD, with an optional custom heatsink for high-performance gaming.

Proven Reliability

Continuing the tradition of Western Digital’s reliability, the WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD comes with a 5-year limited warranty – backed by thousands of hours of hardware, firmware and validation testing.


The WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD is currently available for sale on the Western Digital Store. Capacities range from 250GB to 1TB**.

We are excited to see this drive transform the four core PC demands – performance, durability, speed, and capacity – from pain points to creative productivity. Whether you’re working, creating, or gaming, put the NVMe power of the WD Blue SN550 at the heart of your PC for lightning-fast performance.

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*Based on read speed, unless otherwise specified. As used for transfer rate, 1 MB/s = one million bytes per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors.

**As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less, depending on operating environment.

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