What’s Driving Your Business? Optimizing Embedded Applications with the new Z400s

What’s Driving Your Business? Optimizing Embedded Applications with the new Z400s

Digital signs and point of sale (POS) kiosks serve as a brand’s public-face, critical touchpoints that should never fade, flicker or turn the entire sign into a wall of blue.

Outdoor digital signs are constantly “on” in harsh roadside or remote environments, meaning they need to perform at peak levels, even when they’re running hot due to uptime, high temperatures or humidity.

Value and reliability combine in today’s solid state drive (SSD) technology, like the new SanDisk Z400s. Up to 20 times faster than hard disk drives (HDD) and fives times more reliable, the drive’s superior performance equates to reduced downtime and maintenance cost. Optimized for a variety of embedded applications, the SSD delivers a low power, performance-driven, reliable alternative to HDDs.

How does a usage life of 1.7 million hours sound?*

SSDs are displacing HDDs in a wide range of devices and systems, where affordable applications are driven by the need for reliability, durability and longer life spans:

  • Digital Signage: Transportation and advertising demand reliability to support revenue and consumer loyalty. SSDs like the Z400s delivers the latest advances in flash storage technology so that users and manufacturers of digital signage equipment can trust their solution will consistently provide valuable and current information to all audiences.
  • POS: The Z400s provides the performance and reliability that retail, hospitality, restaurant services, and many other industries that demand a quality customer experience and inspire brand loyalty.
  • Security-Surveillance: The Z400s is extremely beneficial at the point of image capture, where ruggedness, durability and performance are critical, but storage requirements are relatively short-term. Think digital cameras in courtrooms, government buildings, healthcare facilities and shopping malls.

Additionally, the solid state drive serves as a great hard drive replacement for the entry level PC market.

Ranging in capacities ranging from 32GB to or as much as 256GB, and available in 2.5 inch, M.2, or mSATA form factors, the new SanDisk Z400s SSDs are designed to meet industrial embedded systems applications designers’ performance, reliability, size, low power, interface and scalability requirements.

*MTTF = Mean Time To Failure based on internal testing using Telcordia stress part testing.

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