10 Questions With a Finance Analyst

10 Questions With a Finance Analyst

Arlene Peralta is a finance analyst in Western Digital’s Global Operations. She’s a proud Hispanic daughter, avid runner, dance enthusiast, and a recent graduate from the University of California, Davis. Originally from Southern California, she loves being outdoors, admiring the scenery, and exploring the Bay. You can either find her at your local farmers market or searching for the best boba shop in town.

1. What does a finance analyst actually do? 

I help with journal entries and prepare account reconciliations for the monthly or quarterly financial close. Throughout the quarter, I assist with analyzing bill of materials, routings, and standard costs for Flash products.

2. What gets you out of bed?


illustration of a Macchinetta

3. What food best describes your job?

My job is like a sandwich because it involves a lot of layering of files and numbers. It’s organized at first, but the more you add on the messier it gets.

4. WFH or on-site?

I prefer to WFH since I can roll out of bed 5 minutes before joining my Teams meetings and stay in my comfy pajamas all day. Although, I also enjoy being on-site to grab lunch with coworkers and go to the gym.

5. Email or chat? 

Chat, it’s more casual and easier to hop into a video call to collaborate.

6. What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is scheduling meetings during lunch. Lunch is the time for eating, not meetings.

7. Explain your job in 3 words.

Excel, numerical, analysis.

illustration of a calculator. on the calculator's screen appear the words "you got this"

8. How much damage could you cause if you made a mistake in your role?

Catastrophic damage…just kidding. If I were to make a mistake in my role, it could affect our company spending, but my manager reviews most of my work and would catch my error. 

9. If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead of being your own worst critic, you should be your biggest cheerleader! 

10. What is the most important life skill?

The most important life skill is communication. You need to become comfortable to speak your mind and share your thoughts and creative ideas with others. It’s important to ask questions when you need help or want to learn more. Meeting new people can be difficult, especially initiating the conversation, but building those skills will help you advance your professional career. 

graphic image of a sandwich with many layers and added numbers

Artwork by Cat Tervo

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