Infotainment Systems And Automotive Applications

Infotainment Systems And Automotive Applications

Yesterday at the Consumer Telematics Show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, over 500 senior automotive executives attended the conference and presented on their vision for the future of connected vehicles.

Martin Booth, Director of OEM Marketing at SanDisk was featured on a panel discussing infotainment systems and the future of automotive applications where he emphasized the importance of optimizing applications for in-car environments. As the automotive market integrates more technology into vehicles, computing requirements are increasing and high quality storage plays an incredibly important role in building systems that provide a seamless user experience.

One industry challenge discussed was system inter-interoperability, especially with the large variety of devices consumers are bringing into cars. Despite challenges, panelists expressed enthusiasm about the increased involvement of operating system providers in the automotive industry because it is accelerating the pace of automotive technology innovation. Partnerships between OEM’s and operating system providers are increasing as engineers across companies have been working together to provide solutions for embedded automotive systems.

Overall, TU-Automotive did a great job of organizing the connected car community for a successful 2015 Consumer Telematics Show.

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