Five Reasons the 2019 RISC-V Summit is a Can’t-Miss Event

Five Reasons the 2019 RISC-V Summit is a Can’t-Miss Event

Whether you’re a veteran RISC-V enthusiast or brand new to the world of open-source instruction set architecture (ISA), the RISC-V Summit, December 10-12 in San Jose, California, is a can’t-miss event for everyone interested in learning how the free and open ISA is transforming the computing landscape and beyond.

Here are the best reasons not to miss the summit!

Zvonimir Bandic RISC-V Summit
Zvonimir Bandic, Sr. Director, Next Gen Platform Technologies, Western Digital, will deliver the keynote “RISC-V and CHIPS Alliance Address New Compute Requirements” with Dejan Vucinic, Director, NVM Systems Architecture, Western Digital

1. Keynote presentations with new product reveals – RISC-V Foundation member companies tend to make major announcements at this event. Be among the first to hear what’s new by attending featured keynotes from Western Digital, Samsung, Qualcomm, Microchip, SiFive and more.

2. High quality technical presentations. This year, there are three technical tracks: Software; Security / Verification; and Hardware / Architecture. Learn all about what the ecosystem is focused on and see where the future direction of RISC-V is headed.

3. Lots of new products, software tools, IP, boards and more from up to 50 exhibitor booths on the floor of the Main Expo. You’ll be able to get your hands on the latest products and solutions emerging in the RISC-V ecosystem from leading companies such as Western Digital, Microchip, Rambus, SiFive, Antmicro, IAR, Codasip and many more!

4. The open collaboration and amazing discussions to be had with RISC-V members. We’re expecting to double last year’s attendance. This translates to 2,000 attendees. Speak with and learn from people from around the globe. Discuss your applications and ideas, and learn how RISC-V can mesh with your use cases and goals.

5. THE RISE OF RISC-V PARTY! On Tuesday night, December 10 in The Tech Interactive, come celebrate the growth of RISC-V and enjoy entertainment, music, food and drinks.

Don’t Miss Out!

Martin Fink, Western Digital
Martin Fink, Western Digital, will deliver the keynote “Unshackling Memory!”

Join us for the second RISC-V Summit at the San Jose Convention Center.

You’ll experience three days (December 10-12) of tutorials, presentations and keynotes on the software ecosystem, open platforms, operating system support and hardware-based RISC-V, along with a fourth day (December 9) of RISC-V Foundation member meetings and updates. View the agenda here.


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