A New Era for Devices

A New Era for Devices

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What is a computer? A few years ago, that was a relatively simple question to answer: laptops, desktops and servers dominated the landscape. Now, smartphones are becoming the primary device for many for linking to the Internet or capturing images. Manufacturers of household appliances and industrial equipment are embedding processors, networking and storage devices of increasing capacity into everything from surveillance cameras to jet engines to improve safety or curb energy through real-time analytics. Insurance companies and employers are beginning to promote wearables as a pathway toward preventative medicine.

These trends, in turn, are having a profound impact on data centers traditional computing devices. By 2020, IDC estimates that over 60% of IT will revolve around enabling the platforms like mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things while notebooks and desktops are gravitating toward flash memory solutions to increase reliability (PCs will have six year life spans in the future, according to IDC) and reduce energy consumption and bulk.

Our new blog will serve to highlight the trends and product breakthroughs that are transforming both device design and the way in which successful companies will capitalize on this massive opportunity. You’ll hear about the ongoing debate over whether storage and analytics should take place on the cloud or at the edge and how mobile makers will bring the 4K Ultra HD experience to their handset. We’ll cover hardware, software and services as well as emerging vertical and geographic markets. And we also hope to hear from you through comments and guest posts.

It’s going to be an interesting time.

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