A Proven Leader – Our Track Record of Delivering on Innovation

A Proven Leader – Our Track Record of Delivering on Innovation

With over 7000 patents in hard drive technology, we have the most powerful storage patent portfolio and are the undisputed units-shipped leader in HDDs. 

“We plan to deliver the first MAMR hard drive in 2019 to launch a new era.” — Brendan Collins

Western Digital has a long, successful heritage in hard drive innovation having developed the world’s first hard disk drive (in 1956), and since then, we have introduced many breakthrough technologies. We own over 7,000 patents in hard drive technology and are the undisputed units-shipped leader in HDDs.

hard drive innovation

In 2013, we introduced HelioSeal® technology and the industry’s first helium-sealed HDDs (HGST branded), and have delivered four generations and over 20 million units shipped worldwide.

As the economics associated with capacity enterprise data storage is burgeoning for the next decade, Western Digital is committed to a new generation of capacity enterprise HDDs, driven by pioneering MAMR technology.

Western Digital is widely regarded for the unsurpassed quality and reliability of its HDD solutions over the years. Continuous improvements to each product generation, coupled with a commitment to excellence, will enable us to achieve a 15% CAGR in enterprise hard drive storage capacity.


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