Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions

As we create and generate a growing amount of data, we need to both capture this data and retain it for insights, but to also transform it just as quickly as we create it. Data infrastructures are often categorized into two buckets – big data, that focuses on gathering data for applications and further insights, and fast data infrastructure that drives real-time actionable intelligence.

One of the storage architectures that became solutions for the challenges of data at scale is object storage. Object storage was built to be efficient for storing and accessing huge amounts of data. For this reason, it is the architecture of choice for many cloud service providers.

While object storage can run on dedicated object storage systems, or be built using software defined storage and storage building blocks, its cost efficiencies rely on the value of highest capacity hard drives, such as our Ultrastar hard drives and our extreme density JBOD storage platform

As we enter the zettabyte era, new technologies and innovations, such as Zoned Storage as well as energy-assisted recording, will help drive these efficiencies forward.

While fast data architectures often focus solely on speed, many other characteristics may be critical for deployment such as power, density, flexibility or endurance. Looking at the evolution of fast data, we see the rise of extreme performance flash technology leveraging NVMe™ and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™), such as the OpenFlex NVMe-oF Storage Platform, alongside machine learning and artificial intelligence, to bring real-time decision making to the edge.

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