Driving the Next Decade of Data Technology Innovations

Driving the Next Decade of Data Technology Innovations

Flash memory and capacity HDD will continue to coexist, with Western Digital well positioned across the full spectrum of opportunities.

“We’re in a strong position to define the future of data-centric compute architectures.” — Mike Cordano

As the scale of data continues to increase through Big Data and Fast Data demands, and the diversity of application workloads expands, the world will need new data storage technologies and architectures that deliver both high-performance and increased capacities, with the right fit of value and capabilities. As such, flash-based SSDs and capacity enterprise HDDs will coexist far into the future.

Western Digital’s leading position in data storage technologies, solutions, and devices, for a wide variety of applications and workloads, places us in a unique position to influence the future of data-centric compute and storage architectures. With the introduction of MAMR technology, we are positioned to expand enterprise capacity over the next decade, and beyond.


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