Embedded World 2016: The Next Frontier for Flash

Embedded World 2016: The Next Frontier for Flash

Flash memory has transformed photography, music, computing and mobile communications, but it’s also playing a vital role in improving the performance and capabilities of electronic displays, industrial equipment and other embedded applications that ordinarily aren’t associated with data centers or computing.

The reliability, energy efficiency and performance of SSDs particularly in harsh and challenging environments is prompting many industrial companies to switch to SSDs for manufacturing applications. SSDs in digital signage can cut down expensive truck rolls and repairs.

SanDisk will participate for the first time at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23, 2016 through February 25, 2016 to showcase our technology and what companies are accomplishing with new memory technologies.

SanDisk SSDs deliver the performance, capacities, and form factors ideal for replacing HDDs in commercial applications, such as digital signage and point-of-sale systems. In addition, our embedded, SD, and microSD storage solutions are optimized for extended temperatures and greater endurance in automotive and industrial applications.

Why SanDisk SSDs?

  • We offer capacities as low as 32GB and up to 256GB, for applications such as point-of-sale systems
  • SSDs deliver the performance, up to 20x compared to HDDs, to deal with high-intensive applications such as digital signage that run 4k
  • With no moving parts, SSDs are up to 5x more reliable, which means fewer hardware failures out in the field and lower TCO
  • SSDs are a greener solution because it consumes 1/20th the power compared to HDDs
  • An ideal solution for a wide range of applications such as kiosks, medical, gaming, and printing devices

Stop by booth #4A-448, Hall A, for live demonstrations and talk with SanDisk product experts to see how our solutions are revolutionizing storage in commercial and industrial applications.


Andrew Vo: Andrew Vo is a product marketing specialist at Western Digital.

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