Thanks to the strength of our enterprise product portfolio, Western Digital recently received two important recognitions from the data infrastructure industry! The first honor was being named the categorical Leader in Enterprise HDDs in IT Brand Pulse’s annual Brand Leader Survey for Storage vendors.  In addition, we were selected as one of the winners of Storage magazine and SearchStorage 2019 Products of the Year awards.

We’d like to share a few motivations behind what made our enterprise product portfolio stand out.

Spinning Drives Spin Heads – A Clean Sweep in Enterprise HDDs

When it comes to enterprise data, we’ve been continuously innovating in the areas of areal density and the industry’s highest capacity points – delivering more value and TCO at scale to our customers. Our recent announcements of 18TB CMR and 20TB SMR HDDs are proof points. This innovation helped us be voted the Leader in Enterprise HDDs by IT Brand Pulse.

IT Brand Pulse

Who is IT Brand Pulse, you might wonder? It is a global source for research, data and analysis about data center infrastructure. IT Brand Pulse carried out their annual “Brand Leader Survey for Storage”, which was voted by independent IT professionals. Once the results were tallied, Western Digital won across the board for Enterprise HDDs. These votes further validated our brand’s trust and reputation in the broader data infrastructure industry.

Our Composable Infrastructure Using NVMe-oF™ Stands Alone

In addition to the previous brand leadership survey results, we also celebrated a win for OpenFlex! This is our NVMe-oF platform that enables enterprise customers to disaggregate storage, networking, and compute into shareable resource pools. Specifically, the OpenFlex F3100 Series Fabric Device was named as a winner in the Storage magazine and SearchStorage 2019 Products of the Year awards. The F3100 was a “Silver Winner” in the Hyper-converged and Composable Infrastructures category, and the lone NVMe-oF product honored among this year’s award recipients.

The judges of the award pointed out “how critical NVMe-oF will be to future composable infrastructure designs,” and highlighted the strong performance and density of the platform. These features are combined with the Open Composability API, an open-standards-based, scalable, and intuitive API to improve the adoption of composable infrastructure. Used together, OpenFlex can help IT Managers reduce TCO by up to 40 percent1 when compared to standard hyper-converged infrastructure.

“Western Digital is fully committed to driving ecosystem-wide support and adoption of open composable infrastructure, and OpenFlex is the NVMe-oF foundational building block to help enterprises optimize their data storage environments,” said Kurt Chan, vice president and general manager, Data Center Platforms at Western Digital. “It’s a great honor to have OpenFlex among this year’s Products of the Year award winners as it further validates our innovation and efforts to enable open, next-generation IT infrastructures.”

Building the Backbone of Enterprise Data Infrastructure

It’s great to be recognized for our leadership in storing the world’s data through Enterprise HDDs and our NVMe-oF composable infrastructure platform. But, there’s even more to come from our portfolio, especially when it comes to tiered storage. We’ll continue to develop and execute across the data technology stack – from NAND components to devices to servers and platforms – to enable enterprise data to unlock even more value.

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  1. Based on internal estimates of utilization efficiencies and component pricing as of July 2018