On the West Coast we rarely see thunder and lightning in the spring or summer. But this year, thanks to El Niño, there are brilliant flashes lighting up the clouds. But flash and the cloud are not only a weather phenomena, flash has entered cloud data centers in a very big way.  This month, SanDisk® will be at two great industry events sharing the latest in how flash is being used to unleash performance and scale in cloud, big data, and high-performance computing data centers. This will be a great opportunity to see why flash is already powering some of the biggest clouds in the industry today.

SanDisk in Booth #10 at Linux Foundation Vault, Linux File Systems and Memory Management Summit

April 18-21 in Raleigh NC

These two Linux events are THE place for all things storage today. Some of the best developers in file systems, memory management, storage, databases and so many more areas will come together on storage-related topics. This will be our second year sponsoring this event and we will be sharing some ideas on how the world is changing with infinite storage bandwidth and what’s possible now that cost is no longer the obstacle to storage performance.

SanDisk is a strong supporter of Ceph and we are very excited that Sage Weil, Founder and Chief Architect of Ceph, will be keynoting on Tuesday, April 19th. We can’t wait to hear what Sage has to say! Come and engage with our experts at the following talks and meet us in booth #10 at the show:

Ceph and Flash Brian O’Krafka, SanDisk Engineering Fellow Wednesday, April 20 • 11:30am State Ballroom F Ceph has been rapidly evolving to support large-scale deployment of flash. This presentation will examine the history and current best-practices for deploying flash with Ceph. Future developments in the Ceph platform will also be described and their impact on flash deployments.

New Ceph Configurations – High Performance Without High Costs Allen Samuels, SanDisk Engineering Fellow Wednesday, April 20 • 4:00pm – 4:50pm State Ballroom F Erasure coding is traditionally limited to Archival workloads due to its performance and computational requirements. All-flash storage changes that and enables Ceph with erasure coding to be a viable solution for active workloads as well. You will hear about how Erasure coding and other techniques can be used with Ceph on all-flash storage to provide the benefits of flash at affordable costs. We will discuss recent improvements in Ceph,making it a high-performance Cinder block storage solution on flash, while lowering the overall storage costs.

Keynote: The Consequences of Infinite Storage Bandwidth – Allen Samuels Thursday, April 21 • 9:20am – 9:35am State Ballroom CD Overall increases in CPU and DRAM processing power are falling behind the massive acceleration in available storage and network bandwidth.  Storage management services are emerging as a serious bottleneck.  What does this imply for the data center of the future?

SanDisk in Booth #D2 at OpenStack Summit

April 25-April 29 in Austin, Texas

A cloud is only as good as how easy it is to build, use and deploy. That is exactly what the 13th release of OpenStack Mitaka focuses on. In a short 6 years the platform has vastly matured and is being deployed by providers like Comcast, ATT, Time Warner, etc. while best practices are being put back into the software to harden it and enhance end-user experience.

OpenStack Summit is one of the biggest cloud events with users, developers, and companies all working together to make the OpenStack ecosystem thrive. SanDisk is proud to be at OpenStack Summit in Austin to share what we are doing in the world of massively scalable and economically viable flash storage for the cloud and data centers everywhere. Come visit our booth #D2 at the show and see how Ceph and flash are creating high-performing data centers at scale.

The Consequences of Infinite Storage Bandwidth Allen Samuels, SanDisk Engineering Fellow Wednesday, April 27 • 3:35pm-3:55pm Austin Convention Center – Level 1 – Marketplace Theater Storage management services are emerging as a serious bottleneck as CPU and DRAM processing power are falling behind the massive acceleration in available storage and network bandwidth. How will it affect the physical network and storage topologies? And how will storage software need to change to meet these new realities?

Mentoring & Diversity – Learn How to Contribute & Succeed in the OpenStack Community

We have also been a supporter of gender diversity and inclusion, both at SanDisk and in the industry. Here are a couple of talks that I will be speaking at at OpenStack Summit:

The Diversity of Innovation With Nithya A. Ruff, Director of SanDisk Open Source Strategy Office Tuesday, April 26 • 4:40 – 5:20 pm CDT ACC, Level 4, Ballroom G This panel will focus on the links between diversity and inclusion strategies with technical innovation, talent recruiting and retention, male advocacy, and the OpenStack community. The panelists were nominated by the Women of OpenStack and include SanDisk Director of Open Source Strategy Nithya Ruff.

Fostering Full Equality, Organized by the Women of OpenStack With Nithya A. Ruff, Director of SanDisk Open Source Strategy Office Thursday, April 28 • 1:30 – 2:10 PM CDT ACC, Level 4, MR 15 Following up on the themes related to gender equality presented at the previous Summit talks sponsored by The Women of OpenStack working group, this session will focus on our vision of a world where the OpenStack community is truly and completely blind to meaningless differences in gender, color, creed, and culture. What will this new world look like? How will it differ from the current one? A panel of people from all walks of life will explore what that future is and what we can do as a community as a whole to achieve it. Panelists include SanDisk Director of Open Source Strategy Nithya Ruff.

We look forward to seeing you in Raleigh, NC or in Austin, TX to talk about how we are solving data storage challenges in the cloud and enabling large and hyperscale data centers with new possibilities. Until then, enjoy the El Niño’s flash performance in the clouds.

Nithya has been in the open source business since 1999 and brings best in class open source ideas.