Fusion ioMemory Day: PCIe Equals Performance

Fusion ioMemory Day: PCIe Equals Performance

Today we’re showcasing the new generation of Fusion ioMemory and how they raise the standard for enterprises everywhere. Fusion ioMemory Day is a great opportunity to see what Fusion can do for you (and win a coveted Fusion ioMemory card made of Legos!):

  • Join our experts for live webinars on our latest generation of Fusion ioMemory
  • Win a Fusion ioMemory card made of legos
  • Follow @SanDiskDataCtr for live updates and giveaways

Fusion ioMemory Day details: blog.westerndigital.com/iomemoryday

Impacting Today’s Enterprise Environments

SanDisk®’s portfolio of Fusion ioMemory application accelerators changes what companies can accomplish with data, and how they build, design and invest in IT.

Fusion ioMemory products are impacting today’s enterprise environments in thousands of data centers across the globe. Here are a few examples of how we’re changing what’s possible with storage:

Improving Customer Experiences

Today’s customers expect immediate response times when it comes to online services. We’re all living under the time of ‘now’. Customer confidence and satisfaction depends on swift response times to queries. Online and cloud services need to build an infrastructure to support millions of users and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous queries – all with fast response times while trying to maintain a manageable footprint.

Zendesk: From 1,000 Queries Per Second To 3,000!

The rapidly-growing cloud service–which aspires to provide HR contentment to companies like Twitter, Groupon, OpenTable and Rackspace– increased the number of simultaneous queries its database could handle from 1,000 per second to 3,000 per second with Fusion ioDrive. Fusion also lowered its overall hardware footprint while raising reliability and uptime. Learn more

PlentyOfFish – Losing Customers Because Spinning Disk Just Too Slow

One of the world’s largest dating sites with over 3 million active users a day, turned to SanDisk Fusion after its hard drive-based storage system couldn’t keep pace with its customers.

Chosun – 5x Performance, 50% Lower Maintenance, 1/3 Footprint

South Korea’s number one sports news site with over 100 million users and 130 million page views per week integrated Fusion ioMemory into its data operations and saw its average load times increase by over 5x while lowering maintenance by 50 percent and reducing its footprint by 3:1. Learn more. 

Game-Changing Performance for Big Data, Cloud and Databases

Companies are dependent on analyzing datasets to find patterns and turn insights into actionable data to deliver better services to customers, gain competitive edge and use real-time analytics to detect fraud or tailor online services.

Integrichain – Ingest Time Reduced From 37 to 13.5 Hours with 16x Throughput

With two Fusion ioMemory 6.4TB SX300s cards, IntegriChain–the leading channel management solution for the pharmaceutical industry that manages over 1.5 billion transactions worth $175 billion a year– boosted overall throughput by 16x while reducing large data ingest process time from 37 hours to 13.5 hours. Learn more.

Springbok SQL – Reducing Query Times by 25X

The cloud provider reduced query times by 25X and more for mobile advertisers, online gaming companies and others, while simultaneously reducing dedicated hardware resources for customers by 33 to 50 percent thanks to Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators.

Transunion Interactive – From 4 Shelves to 1 Blade with 7-9x Performance

The financial services provider reduced report time by 7-9X by replacing three server blades and four shelves of storage with a single blade containing three Fusion ioMemory PCIe cards. Learn more. 

VDI That Works

Virtualization has transformed the infrastructure landscape by pooling resources and enabling more efficient managed resources. These resources are dependent on speed and density to support maximum consolidation.

Santa Monica City College – 100x improvement!

The college was able to enroll 833 students per minute, a 100x improvement, and 400 new registrations per second, an 80x improvement, after replacing a blade server system backed by 16 15K hard disk drives (HDDs) and two 300GB RAID drives with one Fusion ioDrive. Learn more.

Pandora – Reducing Footprint by 40%

Pandora reduced its footprint by 40 percent while increasing workload capacity per server by 7x-8x and increasing cache per server for better responsiveness by 10x with Fusion ioMemory.Learn More.

Dwango – 75% Less Footprint, 25% Less Power And Cooling

This telecommunications and media company based in Japan, runs Nico-Nico Douga, a video-sharing site with 26 million registered users, is one of the most visited websites in Japan. With Fusion technology, it reduced its server footprint by 75 percent, eliminated 1,600 hard disks and cut power and cooling by 25 percent. Learn more.

A Trusted Leader In Application Acceleration

Fusion ioMemory solutions have been changing the data center and cloud landscape. We’re helping customers across the globe do more with less!

Stream today’s webinars to see how we can alleviate bottlenecks in your SQL Server and MySQL environments, and join the PCIe revolution.

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