The Future of Flash on Display: SanDisk® at FMS 2015

The Future of Flash on Display: SanDisk® at FMS 2015

The pace of innovation in our industry is moving at breakneck speed, and if you’re wondering “what’s next for flash?” there is no better place to be this month than Flash Memory Summit.

Flash memory is everywhere you look. From the thinnest smartphones in the world to the largest hyperscale data centers. Flash technology is affecting our everyday lives. As a vertically integrated leader in flash technology for over 25 years, we have a broad vision about the future of flash and we’re excited to share that with you!

Flash as the Great Disruptor

I don’t think there is more capable speaker on “what’s next” in flash memory technology than SanDisk® Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Conley. His keynote will address how flash has been a disruptive force shaping mobile, client computing devices and data centers and how the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) will push flash innovation even further. Don’t miss it!

Flash as the Great Disruptor
Speaker: Kevin Conley, Chief Technology Officer at SanDisk
Time: Tuesday, August 11th at 1:30 PM PST

We also have over 20 additional speaking session lined up during the show covering a variety of topics. These will include Big Data Flash, 3D NAND technology, software optimization for flash memory, NVMe and PCIe SSDs, and the role of open source software in the advancement of flash. All sessions and times are listed at the bottom of this post.

Innovation at Every Level – Join us in Booth #207

This year, we’re particularly excited about the number of innovative technologies that you’ll be able to see at our booth (#207). One of our latest and greatest is the InfiniFlash System for big data flash which will be on display in our booth. It’s uniquely dense – 512TB of all-flash storage in a 3U enclosure – and delivers amazing possibilities for petabyte scale workloads. Inside the storage system are 32,768 NAND die and if you laid those out end to end it would cover approximately 65 square feet!

Last year at this time, Fusion-io had just joined the SanDisk family. In our booth, you’ll get an in-depth look at how we’ve advanced that technology, together. For instance, Fusion ioMemory technology is now run on our own NAND. The end result of that combination? Unique price advantages, extreme application acceleration and 6.4TB of flash that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

We’ll also have our broad portfolio of SAS, SATA SSDs, and flash software for you to get your hands on as well. Come by and talk next generation storage with us and take away some new insights!

Get a First Class Seat to Flash

As flash becomes the new normal, new questions are arising about future possibilities. Flash Memory Summit is a unique opportunity to get insights from the leaders in the space.

If you can’t make it to the Santa Clara Convention Center on August 11th – 13th follow the action through our social accounts @SanDiskDataCtr and @BigDataFlash. We’ll also have key news and insights from the show right here on the blog.

See you in booth #207!

More Sessions from SanDisk at Flash Memory Summit:

August 11th:

Using PCIe/NVMe in Mobile Devices (Session 101-C): Elad Baram, Director of Product Marketing, August 11th at 8:30am

Transformation of Enterprise and Hyperscale Datacenters Using Softwawre (Forum D-11): Satish Lakshmanan, Sr. Director Product Marketing/Management, August 11th at 8:30am

Optimizing the Data Center with an “End to End” Solutions Approach (Forum D-11): Adam Roberts, Director of Architecture Solutions, August 11th at 8:30am

The Next Wave of Accelerated SSD Adoption for Consumer PCs (Session 102-C): Eyal Bek, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, August 11th at 9:45am

Why Open Source Software is Critical to Flash Success (Session 301-E): Nithya Ruff, Director Open Source Strategy Office, August 11th at 9:45am

A Low-Cost Architecture for an All-Flash Array (Forum B-12): Paul Truong, Prinicipal Engineer, August 11th at 3:15pm

NVMe in Mobile Platforms (Forum A-12): David Landsman, Director Industry Standards, August 11th at 3:15pm

Developing a Flash-Optimized Storage Engine for a NoSQL Database (Session 103-D): Brian O’Krafka, Engineering Fellow, August 11th

August 12th:

VLSI Architectures for Non-Binary LDPC Decoder (Forum E-22): Xinmia Zhang, Principal Research Engineer, August 12th at 3:10pm

A New File System Designed Specificially to Take Advantage of Nonvolatile Memory (Forum K-22): Dhananjoy Das, Senior Architect, Agust 12th at 3:10pm

At Scale Datacenters and the Demand for New Storage Architectures (Forum D-22): Allen Samuels, Engineering Fellow, August 12th at 3:10pm

The Hyperscale Challenge: Flash Deployed in a Disaggregated Model: Roark Hilloman, Engineering Fellow, August 12th at 4:30pm

August 13th:

Is the World Ready for Big Data Flash? (Session 301-A): Gary Lyng, Sr. Director of Enterprise Product Marketing, August 13th at 8:30am

Increasing Mobile Storage Bandwidth (Forum L-31): Yosi Pinto, Director of Strategic Business Development, August 13th at 8:30am

Ceph Optimization on All-Flash Storage (Session 303-E): Somanath Roy, Sr. Staff Software Engineer, August 13th at 3:10pm

Application Acceleration Using Flash Memory (Session 303-I): Saeed Raja, Director of Product Marketing Management, August 13th at 3:10pm

Adding Mass Storage to Mobile, Automotive and Industrial Applications (Session 303-B): Nathanaelle Klein, Product Marketing Manager, August 13th at 3:10pm

Flash Storage at the Edge in the Automotive Industry (Session 303-B): Martin Booth, Director of Product Marketing, August 13th at 3:10pm

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