HANA 2015 : Flash-Optimize Your SAP HANA Environment

HANA 2015 : Flash-Optimize Your SAP HANA Environment

SanDisk® will be in Nice, France this week at the SAPinsider HANA 2015 event as a Silver sponsor.  We’re excited to showcase our industry leading Flash-Optimized solutions for SAP HANA®, Sybase, ERP and other applications.

Join SanDisk in Booth #140

Be sure to visit our booth which is located just to the left of the main entrance to talk with our experts about how adding a tier of SanDisk flash can help optimize your SAP environment, improving performance while increasing levels of technical and cost efficiencies.

Learn how we are helping customers transform their infrastructure by flash-enabling databases and other transactional workloads to create greater levels of business productivity, faster time to insight and drive higher application performance and densities. Adding the right flash in the right places is key to optimizing not just performance, but also cost, reliability and scale.

SanDisk performance-optimized solutions can be flexibly deployed – whether adding flash in-server to accelerate SAP HANA log or Sybase database performance, or deploying all-flash ION Accelerator as shared storage to host data and log volumes for multiple HANA node architectures. 

SAP Certified: SanDisk ION Accelerator

SanDisk has a long history collaborating with SAP, developing a portfolio of solutions aimed to enable enterprise customers to deploy high-performance infrastructure for their SAP database and application environments.  A key focus for this partnership has been SanDisk’s ION Accelerator software.  ION Accelerator software in combination with SanDisk Fusion ioMemory transforms industry-standard x86 servers to all-flash shared storage systems.  ION Accelerator is SAP Certified Enterprise Storage for SAP HANA with Dell R720, HP DL380, HPDL580 and Lenovo (IBM) x3650 servers, to support as many as 32 HANA nodes, with over 50TB of Fusion ioMemory flash in some servers, in as little as 4U of rack space.

ION Accelerator provides unique capabilities for deploying highly scalable, high-performance SAP HANA as part of the SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) offering.  SAP TDI allows enterprises to use storage area network (SAN) architectures for SAP HANA for centralized data management processes such as data center backup and disaster recovery.

Featured SanDisk Session at HANA 2015

While at HANA 2015, make sure you attend Axel Rosenberg’s featured sessionStrategies to increase SAP HANA® scalability with high-performance shared storage

Tuesday, 16 June at 11:30, in room: Mediterranee 2

Axel will talk about how to cost-efficiently scale your SAP HANA® infrastructure while driving ultra-low latency performance and high-availability using all-flash SanDisk ION Accelerator, enterprise storage that has SAP-certified integration.  He will also talk about how SanDisk solutions that address performance and scalability needs for SAP Sybase, ERP and other applications. 

 Attend this session for expert tools and techniques, including:

  • Scaling and performance optimization strategies to reduce technical inefficiencies and total cost for small, mid-size, or large-scale SAP® environments
  • Integration and storage tips to accelerate application performance
  • How all-flash SanDisk ION Accelerator can be leveraged in both physical and virtual environments
  • Technical and business benefits of shared flash for in-memory databases such as SAP HANA

For a detailed overview of how you can optimize your SAP HANA deployment with SanDisk’s ION Accelerator, see the article by Dan Baigent, How Flash Technology Is Transforming SAP HANA Economics and Performance recently published in SAPinsider Magazine.

Be sure to stop by the SanDisk Booth #140 at HANA 2015 to learn more about the full range of SanDisk enterprise flash solutions for your environment.  Follow our conversation on Twitter @SanDiskDataCtr and LinkedIn where we will keep you updated with the latest from the event.


Grant Jacobson: Grant brings decades of experience in partner marketing solutions, business development and product management.

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