Happy 25 Linux! Join Us at LinuxCon North America

Happy 25 Linux! Join Us at LinuxCon North America

I always look forward to LinuxCon North America as I see so many of the amazing people I work with in Open Source and hear what is happening in the industry.  Being the 25th anniversary of Linux, there will be celebrations of what has become a pervasive way of collaborating on big problems. If you wonder just how pervasive, the number of Linux users worldwide has now reached over 86 million!

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It is also a special time for us in SanDisk, as we will be coming as a part of the Western Digital family of brands. SanDisk, together with HGST, another Western Digital brand, provides one of the broadest portfolios of technologies to manage data in the world today.

Join us in Booth #20

At LinuxCon this year, you can come and visit us in booth 20 and learn more about what we have been up to and our various contributions to Open Source technology and to the community.

Great Speaking Sessions

If you want to know more about how to achieve high performance with Ceph and how we are working to make Ceph and the new storage engine known as BlueStor flash-optimized, come hear fellow Allen Samuels’s speaking sessions:

New Ceph Configurations – High Performance Without High Costs
Monday, August 22 at 3:00pm – 3:50pm – Marine
Erasure coding is traditionally limited to archival workloads due to its performance and computational requirements. Flash storage changes that and enables Ceph with erasure coding to be a viable solution for active workloads as well. Samuels will discuss recent improvements in Ceph making it a high performance Cinder block storage solution on flash, while lowering overall storage costs.

BlueStore – A New Storage Engine for Ceph
Tuesday, August 23 at 10:55am – 11:45am – Pier 5
The latest release of Ceph includes a new storage engine known as BlueStore which provides dramatically improved performance for modern media such as flash and the nascent storage class memory technologies. BlueStore also provides critical new features like enterprise-class data integrity (silent error detection and correction), compression as well as being a key building block for new functionality associated with erasure coding, etc. This talk will examine the architecture of BlueStore and how it extended the existing open source ecosystem.

I will also be speaking at the event about how companies are working with open source projects and communities. Join me:

Trends in Corporate Engagement with Open Source
Monday, August 22 at 3:00pm – 3:50pm – Pier 7/8
I will discuss some of the key trends happening in corporations as they encounter open source development and how to be successful in managing open source engagement. I will cover areas like Open Source offices, Inner Source, how to collaborate with other companies, etc.

While we think of open source as primarily a community-driven effort, one of the key members of that community are companies and their employees. Whether contributing to the project, sponsoring events, or leading cross-industry initiatives, they are enabling the broader use of open source in all parts of the economy. Companies take compliance and community relationships seriously and want to see the open source movement succeed.

You can learn more, and get a sneak peak of my talk, in my latest contribution to OpenSource.com.

Let me know if you’ll be heading to Toronto and what you’d love to learn more about.

I’ll be tweeting from the event from @nithyaruff, @BigDataFlash and @SanDiskDataCtr – make sure to follow us for live updates!

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