HPC Matters

HPC Matters

HPC Matters is the theme for one of the coolest events I attend each year, Supercomputing. This year’s show in New Orleans, LA, promises to show more innovation, excitement and promise. New Orleans is a wonderful town with incredible food and awesome music. It is a great back drop for this type of conference and the myriad of attendees that go there.

When attending Supercomputing, I am always amazed at all the young minds there who are imagining future technologies that often I cannot even fathom! The best example I can think of would be like trying to explain to your grandparents 30 years ago a future technology that will allow you to store the contents of your library, or local record store for that matter, on a single device that also makes phone calls, and fits in your pocket. Flash storage is that technology and the benefits and its various implementations grow daily. Today you can store up to 4TB on a single SAS SSD, and that capacity is expected to double very soon.  Moving to PCIe connected storage, you can go up to 6.4TB on a single card and before you know it, future increased flash density will allow this to grow even further.

An insider’s view of flash technology

Working at SanDisk®, I get an insider’s view of flash technology and how its various form factors enable unique solutions tailored for different workloads and needs. At Supercomputing this year we are partnering with a number of customers to show how SanDisk SSDs, PCIe Application Accelerators, Intelligent Caching software and new ULLtraDIMM SSDs help solutions run faster and save their customers time, budget and space in the datacenter.

While in the past Supercomputing was more focused on custom solutions and proprietary hardware, the last number of years have seen many solutions actually moving to take advantage standardized hardware and storage solutions that leverage innovative software. Because while HPC Matters, so does staying within your budgets.

SanDisk Enabling Partner Solutions

In the SanDisk booth we are demonstrating performance of our SSDs, PCIe Application Accelerators and broad portfolio of flash storage solutions. We will also be showcasing solutions from a number of key partners like Dell and Atlantis Computing.

Dell will be showcasing their new SanDisk DAS Cache solution that leverages SanDisk flash storage and intelligent caching to dramatically accelerate rack legacy storage.

Atlantis Computing will be demonstrating a hyper-converged system built with SanDisk ULLtraDIMM SSDs and Lenovo System x Servers delivering 2 Million + IOPS combine with extremely low latency. This solution is another example of creating cost effective solutions on standardized hardware using flash storage and combining it with innovative software. Customers get proprietary performance at a much better price point.

We will also have key partners at the show that will show how SanDisk flash solutions enable their own solution.

Boston Limited will showcase their new Quattro 1280-6, which utilizes SanDisk ULLtraDIMM SSDs to increase virtual machine density, availability and serviceability and improve ROI. This solution runs on innovative Supermicro® 2U Twin Squared™ platform.

Supermicro is another key SanDisk partner and will present a number of SanDisk flash solutions including the ULLtraDIMM SSD which provides ultra-low latency and scalable performance to accelerate all HPC workloads.

Meet me at Booth #1147

HPC does matter and this conference provides customers the chance to experience a broad range of innovative and cost effective solutions that rely on flash storage to accelerate application performance. It also gives attendees the chance to show off their strength and innovative technique as they try for the highest score on famous SanDisk High Striker. Come by the SanDisk booth #1147 and give it your best shot!

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