The Industry’s Fastest: Lenovo and Fusion ioMemory Eliminate Performance Barriers

The Industry’s Fastest: Lenovo and Fusion ioMemory Eliminate Performance Barriers

There’s a new leader in the performance race. Lenovo System x3950 X6 just broke the record for TPC-H at 10,000GB scale for non-clustered results, beating the previous record by an incredible 1.6x improved performance gap, using SanDisk® Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators.

The System x3950 X6 server is a solution architected to easily scale performance, manage large masses of data and make information available in real time. When Lenovo set out to showcase the benefits of this solution in this esteemed benchmark, they came to SanDisk to help them do that.

Using sixteen 6.4TB Fusion ioMemory PCIe accelerators (branded under the name 6,400GB Enterprise io3 Flash PCIe Adapter), Lenovo proved that their high-end servers truly deliver industry-leading scalability and performance. And we are proud that SanDisk technology made this possible!

Real-World Workloads

The TPC-H test is a key industry performance benchmark for databases. What’s important about this test is that it leverages real-world applications. This particular test was carried out using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition; a workload that shows the impact of this solution for the most demanding, day-to-day tasks of our customers.

Our long-standing partnership with Lenovo and System x solutions spans multiple generations of servers. Together, we help deliver improved reliability, ease of scalability and industry leading performance with better cost efficiencies. This new record is a great example of two companies merging the best of their technologies for the ultimate benefit and incredible performance gains for their customers; a fusion of great technologies and a validation of our partnership.

Darrel Ward, vice president, Enterprise Systems Marketing and Enterprise Storage Business Unit at Lenovo remarked, “Through this strong and growing partnership, enterprises realize increased flexibility and scalability, better and more stable performance, and high read-and-write speeds for their virtualization, big data, cloud computing, and application workloads.”

A Victory for End Users

It is a true victory when one proves to be the industry’s fastest. But new opportunities for increasing virtualization density, getting immediate access to actionable data while decreasing infrastructure costs and complexity are the true victories for our customers.

Congratulations, Lenovo! We’re incredibly proud to champion record-breaking and industry leading performance together with you.

Learn more about the Lenovo TPC-H result here:

* Results referenced are current as of April 18, 2015.

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