The March to the Launch of SQL Server 2016 Begins Today

The March to the Launch of SQL Server 2016 Begins Today

Today, Microsoft announced SQL Server 2016, and the march to the launch begins. These are exciting times for people who work with databases!

SQL Server 2016 – New Features Based On Hardware Advances

SQL Server 2016 delivers more business value than ever before, taking advantage of hardware advances to deliver capabilities that businesses need, like:

  • Actionable insights from the data customers already have, delivered faster and more easily, to fuel the data driven enterprise – based on in-memory analytics.
  • More performance available to more mission-critical transactional workloads, supporting more memory and broad T-SQL support for compatibility with existing databases – based on in-memory OLTP.
  • Real-time insights from operational OLTP databases using Operational Analytics to eliminate delays from off-line ETL processing – based on in-memory technologies.
  • The third release of AlwaysOn Availability Groups, with data modifications transported almost instantaneously to secondaries for full enterprise-class High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

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Enterprise customers tell us they’re looking for solutions like these – actionable business insights based on data analytics to support business growth, getting more from their mission-critical workloads, with easier deployment and confidence in their HA/DR solution.

Your Business Needs Actionable Analytics-Based Insights, but is Your Infrastructure Ready to Deliver?

Why am I writing about this? Because none of these improvements will help your business if your existing storage solution is barely keeping up with your current workloads.

Each of the capabilities above – and the benefits your business gets from them – depends on having modern, high-performance storage solutions to “light up” those capabilities and deliver the benefits.

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Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!

Your SQL Server 2016 Flash Experts

The in-house SQL Server experts in SanDisk®’s Data Propulsion Lab know how to match the right storage solution to your workloads. We’ve been working with SQL Server 2016 builds for months, which lets us deliver compelling solutions to OEM partners, channel partners, and enterprise customers.

With the “March to the Launch” now underway, we’ll be sharing the performance benchmarking results that demonstrate the improvements coming in SQL Server 2016 and share how you can best leverage them to benefit your business. We’ll have it all – white papers, solution briefs, webinars, boot camps, the works – and I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks on this blog.

To keep up with our launch-related events, SQL Server 2016 information, materials and more, we invite you to subscribe right here to the SanDisk ITblog, follow us on Twitter: @SanDiskDataCtr, and follow our in-house experts Brian Walters (@DarkSQL), MCM Jimmy May (@aspiringGeek), and Niall MacLeod (@HoldFastSQL).

Stay tuned!

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