SanDisk® Joins the Ranks at GTEC 2015

SanDisk® Joins the Ranks at GTEC 2015

Next week, SanDisk® Enterprise will be at GTEC 2015 showcasing new solutions that enable the flash-transformed data center.

For the past two decades, the GTEC conference has been Canada’s internationally recognized forum for technology innovation ad government service delivery. It’s a place to share ideas, showcase creativity in IT and connect with top influencers in business and technology. SanDisk, through its broad portfolio of enterprise flash memory solutions, is a leading provider of flash technology to the public sector. Advancements in storage (specifically flash memory) have begun to influence the way that defense intelligence is gathered, stored and processed. It’s enabling smarter systems, advanced security and compliance without compromise.

Flash Transform Your Data Center!

Stop by the SanDisk booth #900 to learn about the incredible performance that flash can bring to your environment.

This will be a great opportunity to speak with our experts and see how SanDisk flash solutions can transform your organization in the areas of:

  • Big Data: Learn how you can turn big data into instant insight. Extreme performance, scalability and breakthrough economics for Big Data are here.
  • VM Acceleration: If you have a huge amount of virtual machines (VMs) sprawling the globe, how do you make them all fast? We’ll be tackling that question head on and helping you understand flash’s role in VM acceleration.
  • Database Solutions: The world now runs on databases. Learn how SanDisk flash solutions overcome traditional storage pain points and help you get the most value out of your IT investments.
  • Shrinking Footprint and Energy costs: Learn how SanDisk technology is driving down the data center footprint and associated energy costs

Let us know if you’ll be attending GTEC, and join the conversation on Twitter with @SanDiskDataCtr.

See you in Ottawa!


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