SanDisk® Powers 5 of the 10 Coolest Flash Products of the Year

SanDisk® Powers 5 of the 10 Coolest Flash Products of the Year

Everybody in the industry is glued to magazine websites at this time of the year to see if any of their products and achievements made it into the year’s end lists. What were remarkable achievements in the industry? Did we stand out? Who were the trendsetters, and what were the products that were making waves in 2014?

Optimus MAX 4TB SAS SSD Comes Out on Top

CRN magazine recently published their list of “The 10 Coolest Flash Storage And SSD Products Of 2014” and SanDisk®’s Optimus MAX SAS 4TB SSD, the first SAS SSD in the industry to reach the 4TB capacity mark, is highlighted among the solutions in that list!

The Optimus MAX is grabbing a lot of end of the year attention, and it’s no wonder. The Optimus MAX is changing the game in the data center when it comes to having both capacity AND performance. The Optimus MAX also won the 2014 Data Center Excellence Award, presented by infoTECH Spotlight, and is also a finalist for the Visionary Products Awards of the January 2015 Storage Visions conference.

SanDisk Powers 5 of the 10 Coolest Flash Products of the Year

But there’s more… Not only is the Optimus MAX the only SSD to be included in the CRN coolest products list, (among a server and storage systems), but in fact, 4 of the 9 other winners are powered by SanDisk SSDs:

Dell Compellent SC4020 – Dell’s version of its all-in-one enterprise storage system, and as the award says, at $25,000 it is the lowest-priced all-flash array from a major vendor. The Dell Compellent SC4020 takes advantage of SanDisk Lightning SAS SSDs, which help them reach this entry-point.

HP 3PAR StorServ 7450 – When Hewlett-Packard introduced the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 last June, it was their first flash-only design, from the ground up. This array leverages SanDisk’s 1.92TB Optimus Eco SAS drives for high capacity and high performance, and is a no-compromise all-flash array for accelerated application performance without sacrificing resiliency, efficiency, or data mobility. Download our White Paper to learn how HP and SanDisk Corp. have collaborated to significantly lower the cost, improve endurance, and increase the scalability of flash-based storage.

Kaminario K2 – Kaminario and SanDisk set the Storage Performance Council SPC-1 benchmark world record for performance using SanDisk’s Optimus SAS SSDs in Kaminario’s K2 all solid-state SAN storage solution. The world record solution reached 1.24M IOPS and 10GB/s of data throughput on an 86 TB test system, exceeding the previous record by 20K IOPS and doing so with SanDisk all-flash memory versus more expensive DRAM. No wonder Kaminario’s blazing speeds are named in this year’s top list.

Tegile – Tegile builds all-flash storage arrays with a twist: in April, they introduced a utility pricing model that lets customers pay for the capacity used, on a monthly basis. SanDisk is so impressed with Tegile’s innovative approach that we are an investor in the company, and their solution leverages SanDisk’s 2TB Optimus Eco SAS SSDs.

We are incredibly proud to be powering 5 of the top 10 coolest flash and SSD products of 2014. It’s been an astounding year for SanDisk’s enterprise solutions, and this is a testimony of the great teamwork between SanDisk and our industry partners. Together, we are delivering better products that help customers address their toughest IT challenges. Well done, teammates!

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