Solving Customers’ Key Challenges with Microsoft Channel Partners at WPC 2015

Solving Customers’ Key Challenges with Microsoft Channel Partners at WPC 2015

WPC 2015 was a great event! Our booth was packed, and we met thousands of Microsoft partners, keeping our channel account managers busy this week!

I had the privilege of giving SanDisk®’s presentation in the Sponsor Theater, a gold sponsor benefit. That presentation is embedded at the bottom of this post, but to get you started, here are the key messages for our reseller partners.

Flash Solves a Pressing Customer Problem: Slow Storage

Increasing CPU performance and DRAM capacities have steadily increased, but hard disk drive (HDD) performance hasn’t caught up. Traditional storage is a bottleneck for many customers.

Flash is known for its performance: replace a 15K HDD with our Optimus MAX 4TB SSD and you:

  • Boost read throughput from ~200MB/s to 500MB/s
  • Increase IOPS from ~200 to 85,000 IOPS
  • Gain ~6x more capacity
  • Improve performance ~425x

In a recent survey, 52% of our Fusion ioMemory customers reported 6x or greater acceleration of their SQL Server database using Fusion ioMemory, while 29% reported 10x or greater acceleration.

How is that possible?

Goodbye Performance Bottleneck, Hello Happy Customer

With Fusion ioMemory you can meet the most demanding performance requirements your customers can throw at you. Each card delivers from 1TB to 6.4TB of capacity, 2.7GB/s of read throughput, and up to 385,000 IOPS. And don’t forget, the new SX350 products come with up to a 61% lower list price than the previous generation!

By putting your SQL Server database on SanDisk flash you will achieve blazingly fast reporting, transaction processing, and data analytics. The applications running on SQL Server will work much faster as well.

Redirect customer spend – SQL Server 2005 EOS

With Microsoft’s end of support for SQL Server 2005 coming up fast – less than 9 months! – SQL Server 2005 customers need to migrate old workloads off their old servers, and many will consolidate and virtualize while they’re at it. They’ll buy shiny new servers and new SQL Server licenses; and they’ll experience sticker shock from the new per-core SQL Server licensing model.

You can save your customers some serious money, and capture more for your company.


Do what many of our customers have done: include FlashSoft caching software and SanDisk flash in host servers. By caching reads on in-host flash, FlashSoft delivers more I/O to the host, so applications on that host run faster. In the process, FlashSoft reduces the load on the SAN – application read requests are fulfilled from the in-host flash, instead of hitting the SAN, so the SAN performs better and lasts longer.

With more I/O available to the host, customers can run additional workloads on that host. And that’s where the savings show up.

Think about that SQL Server 2005 migration and virtualization scenario – if FlashSoft and SanDisk flash allow more workloads per host, you’ll need fewer host servers.

Fewer servers means fewer SQL Server licenses, and with a list price of $6,874 per core for SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition, saving a core or two pays for a FlashSoft bundle (software plus SanDisk flash).

Save an entire host server, likely with 12 to 30 cores, and think of the savings from SQL Server licenses alone.

By including SanDisk flash in the host, you can redirect those savings to additional products or services, and projects your customer didn’t think they could afford.

You’ve enabled customers to do more for less, while securing more sales.

SanDisk Enterprise Reseller Partner Program

Are you ready to apply SanDisk flash to meet your customers’ needs, and improve your bottom line?

SanDisk’s Enterprise Reseller Partner Program provides added support, resources and rewards to qualified SanDisk value-added resellers (VARs) of the company’s enterprise solutions. SanDisk created this program to help enable North American, EMEA and worldwide VARs to develop and nurture new business opportunities and close deals faster.

SanDisk is vertically integrated, meaning we design and develop our own flash chips, manufacture them in our own fabs, and deliver flash products for the largest data centers, and the smallest embedded devices.

Vertical integration delivers economies of scale, and savings we can pass on to you, to improve your margins.

Every Customer is Different. With the broadest flash hardware and software solution portfolio, and over 5,000 patents related to flash, we have solutions to meet customer needs.

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