Step Into the Office of the CTO

Step Into the Office of the CTO

We in the Office of the CTO are a multidisciplinary team of researchers and scientists working internally and externally to answer a basic question: How can we help create value from data? A significant amount of the world’s data lives on Western Digital products, and we believe that Western Digital is in a unique position to drive innovation around data. We look forward to sharing the excitement of our activities.

The Office of the CTO at Western Digital, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Martin Fink, is focused on the evolution of technology, transformation of data and the possibilities data brings to our everyday lives.

Let’s look at how data has evolved in the digital age and look at where data may be heading.

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Initially, data was a digital method of keeping records. Our bank information was a record, companies’ inventories were stored as records, medical information was stored as a record.

The next phase of evolution for data focused around communication. Our correspondence transitioned from the post office to email, publications became available online, and data records could be sent from one entity to another.

Currently, we are seeing that data can be used to make our lives more efficient. We use maps on our mobile devices, eliminating the paper maps that were constantly becoming out of date. We can access our bank accounts from anywhere in the world. There is no longer a need to stand in line at the movie theater to buy tickets since we can buy them from our computer or mobile phone.

Finally, where is data heading? Will data itself become a form of currency? Already, data is enabling the data-driven economy, and this is not going to stop or even slow down.

Martin Fink presents in Barcelona at RISC-V Workshop
Martin Fink presents in Barcelona at RISC-V Workshop

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Western Digital is creating environments for data to thrive so you can unlock its potential.

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