VMware® Whiz? Take Our Virtual SAN Quiz!

VMware® Whiz? Take Our Virtual SAN Quiz!

It’s no secret that we’re excited about Virtual SAN. We’ve been working with our partners and VMware to deliver certified all-flash and hybrid Virtual SAN Ready Nodes that have proven reference architectures for business critical applications like virtualized Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 running on all-flash Virtual SAN.

VMworld will be a great place to hear about lessons learned for optimization, configuration, and availability options for running SQL Server, VDI, Oracle MySQL, or Elastifile file-based Software-Defined Storage. Beth Caltagirone shared our booth and speaking sessions details here and Patric Chang will walk you through three attributes pertinent to hyperconverged infrastructure and how to transform your data center.

Ready to test your VMware Virtual SAN™ knowledge?

See if you can answer these 9 questions and put your virtualization mastery to the test! Share your score to see if you can beat your peers.

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