The LG V10: An EPIC Moment in Mobile Imaging

The LG V10: An EPIC Moment in Mobile Imaging

The LG V10  has been one of the biggest stories in mobile technology this year and one aspect of the smartphone that we at SanDisk are particularly proud to note is that it is also the first smartphone that meets the SanDisk Extreme Photo-Imaging Capabilities (EPIC) guidelines for delivering exceptional video and imaging experiences its users.

What Makes a Mobile Device EPIC

EPIC was created out of a desire to create a better imaging experience in mobile. Smartphones have become the primary camera for billions of people around the world for preserving special memories as well as sharing these memories on social media. Over the past few years smartphones have evolved so much in both functionality and useability that they now enable users to shoot in low light, take slow-motion video (which consumes tremendous amounts of memory), capture, burst sequences and take advantage of zoom levels that are once only available in SLRs. This trend of smartphones becoming a premium, almost prosumer, camera for many will surely continue for years to come.

Hardware Challenges, Flash Triumphs

Putting all of these capabilities into a thin, sleek handset for optimum user experience, however, isn’t easy for manufacturers.  With new smartphones being launched seemingly every month, it can be even more difficult to identify when you’re shopping online or at a retailer. As photographer Dave Newton has written:

A camera is much more than just a good sensor with more resolution. Therefore, creating a device to capture high quality images that will in turn give a great user experience requires an all-encompassing approach to device design.

SanDisk’s EPIC guidelines essentially identify the underlying features and technologies needed to bring the experience to life. In meeting these guidelines as the first SanDisk EPIC smartphone, the LG V10 offers a variety of advanced video and professional-grade photography capabilities, including, among others, multi-shot image capture in uncompressed format (also known as RAW) and 4K Ultra HD video recording and playback. These capabilities are enhanced by the storage performance of the iNAND 7232 storage solution with second-generation SmartSLC technology used in the LG V10. The iNAND 7232 storage solution is optimized to improve 4K Ultra HD video playback and “frames-per-second” (FPS) speeds during the display of images.
We also collaborate with companies to measure and standardize image quality and performance in labs.
You will be seeing and hearing more about EPIC at Future Proof Storage, our annual summit on mobile technology taking place in Shenzhen this week. We also welcome you to contact us at
And if you have time, take the LG V10 through the paces.

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