The New HTC 10™ is an EPIC Smartphone!

The New HTC 10™ is an EPIC Smartphone!

As the smartphone market begins to look more and more like a collection of me-too products, and many consumers content with mid-range phones, differentiation becomes the key to market success. In addition to brand, processors, and OS, storage often provides a tangible difference in user experience—not just in storage capacity, but also in highly-used features such as photo and video.

HTC10 Smartphone

The Benefits of Being EPIC

To that end, the SanDisk EPIC (Extreme Photo Imaging Capabilities) initiative aims to foster the incorporation of professional-quality imaging capabilities in flagship mobile devices. The EPIC guidelines help ensure exceptional photography and video experiences by providing minimum requirements for the entire smartphone ecosystem including cameras, flash storage, applications processors, hardware, software, and more. The guidelines started with a focus on sight (imaging) and touch (design), but has evolved by adding audio (sound) to the list.

HTC 10™, announced by HTC on April 12, 2016, is the latest SanDisk EPIC-enabled smartphone. The HTC 10 comes with SanDisk’s best-in-class storage solution embedded, the iNAND® 7232 embedded flash drive (EFD), and surpasses EPIC guidelines with its outstanding features that deliver stunning results even in low light and for novice mobile photographers.

High Quality, Maximum Performance

The HTC 10, along with the EPIC guidelines, is also geared for capturing high-def videos with great sound quality. Audio is an important aspect of video shooting. Filmmakers know that high quality audio can be as important as the visuals. We’re starting to see users moving away from compressed MP3 files towards uncompressed FLAC files, which offer a higher bitrate. Consequently, storage needs are skyrocketing as mobile device makers strive to keep up with both capacity and performance demands. The higher capacity and performance of iNAND 7232 helps manufactures offer high-quality video recording without a drop in device performance.

Check out this music video that SanDisk Extreme Team member and SanDisk EPIC ambassador, David Newton, produced with HTC 10—and experience the #powerof10 firsthand!

By partnering with HTC, the SanDisk EPIC initiative is gaining momentum and more partnerships with key players in the mobile world are forthcoming. EPIC times are definitely on the horizon as we see the next round of mobile device launches in 2016.

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