A Better Way to Backup with Veeam and IntelliFlash Arrays

A Better Way to Backup with Veeam and IntelliFlash Arrays

With better performance, reduced effective space and a set of robust features, our partnership with Veeam is helping to make your data protection strategy simpler, richer and more cost efficient. Here’s a step by step guide to how to leverage the new Veeam plugin and why IntelliFlash™ should be your backup choice for snapshot repository.

A New Veeam Plugin to Integrate with IntelliFlash

The latest release of Veeam’s Backup & Recovery application, version 9.5.4b, provides a new plugin to integrate with the IntelliFlash array-based snapshot capabilities. The new plugin is first supported in IntelliFlash version 3.9.2 and uses Veeam’s new Universal Storage API (USAPI), which is faster and more efficient than the traditional VMware® API. Now, you can use the IntelliFlash array to generate snapshots instead of the hypervisor, which consumes fewer resources and lowers RPO significantly.

The combination of IntelliFlash and Veeam’s Backup & Replication application provides exceptional performance with a robust feature set—enabling a variety of data protection strategies. This includes leveraging the most efficient transport mode based on the configuration of the backup infrastructure.

Data reduction and deduplication technologies in Western Digital IntelliFlash arrays and Veeam’s Backup & Replication software combine to reduce the effective space required to store backup data. Redundant hardware and high availability features help maximize data availability. Working together, these features dramatically reduce the overall cost of storage by enabling more data to be stored and quickly accessed, resulting in an efficient, small storage footprint.

Why Use IntelliFlash as a Snapshot Repository

New and existing Veeam users will realize the benefits of using IntelliFlash as a snapshot repository, including:

  • Faster backup and recovery
  • High-speed Disaster Recovery (DR) and business continuity with low RTPO
  • Create copies of VMs for testing, analytics, and development
  • Reduce data storage capacity using compression and deduplication from Veeam and IntelliFlash

The solution offers a VM-aware storage and data protection solution that is ideal for virtualized environments. IntelliFlash smart arrays can take granular snapshots that provide application-consistent recoveries. These snapshots can be browsed by Veeam’s Backup and Recovery application and used for recovery.

Using the Veeam Plugin with IntelliFlash – a Step by Step Guide

    The process to start using the Veeam Plugin with IntelliFlash can be completed in a few steps:

  1. From your Veeam Backup & Recovery console, select Storage Infrastructureand then click Add Storage.

  1. Select the Western Digital IntelliFlashplugin from the list.

  1. Enter the IntelliFlash hostname or IP address, credentials, and access options to complete the configuration wizard.

  1. After completing the configuration wizard, the IntelliFlash virtual machines and their snapshots are listed for each storage device.

  1. You’re now ready to create snapshots using the plugin. Any existing snapshots created from IntelliFlash will also by displayed.
  2. To create manual snapshots, right-click on a virtual machine (e.g. vdp3) and select Create snapshot….
  3. Scheduled backup jobs are configured by creating a Backup Job. Select the Backup Jobmenu option and choose Virtual machine….
  4. Enter the backup job name, virtual machines, storage, and schedule to complete the configuration wizard.

Lots of additional functionality is available in the Veeam Backup & Recovery Plugin for IntelliFlash. I hope to cover some of those in future blogs, and you can also learn more about Veeamand IntelliFlashon our websites.

Improve Your Data Protection Strategy

 Working together, Veeam Backup & Recovery and Western Digital’s IntelliFlash solution deliver immediate value. Early adopters are already seeing increased SQL performance, and decreased times to complete backups.

Before signing off, let’s review a summary of the solution features:

  • Multi-protocol support (FC, iSCSI, NFS)
  • Hardware-based deduplication and compression
  • Reduced storage space requirements
  • Network-efficient replications for disaster recovery
  • Industry-leading data protection with a low TCO

The Veeam Backup & Recovery Plugin for IntelliFlash will be available for download in June 2019 from Veeam’s Support website at https://support.veeam.com/downloads.html.

Contact your Veeam or Western Digital representative for more information.

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